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Some information about the olgest religion in the world

Hinduism, what`s it?

Hinduism is a religion that originated on the Indian subcontinent. The historical name of Hinduism Sanskrit - SanatanaDharma, which means "eternal religion", "the eternal road" or "the eternal law".

Hinduism is rooted in the Vedic civilization, because of what it called the world's oldest religion. The approximate age of Hinduism is about 5000 years. Beliefs of Hinduism does not have a specific founder, and based on the authority of the Vedas - the ancient Scripture brought to India, apparently, by the Aryans. Over time the Vedas were interpreted in different ways, so there are many different branches and schools. Today, Hinduism is a whole family of different religious traditions, philosophies and beliefs, often significantly different from each other.

Unchanged in Hinduism Vedas remain - on giving information to the people of the Gods of about 5 thousand years ago. In the Vedas lies the whole essence of the Vedic religion, and given information on all major areas of knowledge. They say that a man versed in the Vedas, it is quite wise, for it possesses all the necessary knowledge about the world and life in it. Among all Hindu texts, the Vedas and the Upanishads are most respected and considered to be the most important and ancient. Other important Scriptures are Puranas and ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana". It is often said that the essence of Vedic knowledge is stated in the Bhaga- vad-gītā, philosophical conversation between Krishna and Arjuna.

Hinduism is the third among the followers of the religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. Practice Hinduism more than 1 billion people, of which about 950 million live in India and Nepal. Other countries in which the adherents of Hinduism constitute a significant part of the population of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Canada and USA.

Main streams of hinduism

In Hinduism there is no common Central doctrine, authoritative for all Hindu traditions, and many Hindus do not consider that belong to any particular tradition. Scientists, however, isolated in modern Hinduism four main areas:





The main gods of hinduism

The symbols of hinduism

Hinduism holydays

In hinduism are many interesting holydays for differernt confessions and gods, but all hindu have the biggest and the main holidays – holi, divaly – analogue of halloween, dacera (culd of godness Durga – godness of war and

Interesting facts about hinduism

In some Indian villages, there is a ritual to reset the newborn from the roof of the temple. For example, in the village Mousty, Maharashtra, children throw with 15-meter height on stretched at the bottom of the tent. The ceremony for their babies book man and woman, and industry, believing that this test the child will bring health and good luck in the future.

Hinduism cant be religion – it unites traditions, myphes, believes of many anscient nations – arians, dravids and another.

In 1857 the British brought long-range rifle "Enfield" for the weapons of Indian army. However, they did not take into account possible problems with animal fat, which was used to lubricate the rifle and impregnation cardboard ammunition. As for Hindus the cow is a sacred animal, and for Muslims is a sin to touch pigs. In the army there were those, and other, and each group decided that the British never considered her religion. Hindus and Muslims came together and organized a rebellion, which killed a lot of both military and civilians originally from England.

Hinduism is very tolerance. Hinduism is a portret of India.

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