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Generation Gap between parents and children

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Auganbayev Adilet

Generation Gap between parents and children.

Generation Gap is the topic that discusses about the differences between two generations with respect to their priorities, values, attitudes, goals, tastes etc.

Generation gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other. As we all know, the environment has changed, so has the life style and with that changes the mind of children. Today's generation doesn't like others interfering in any of their personal matters, they don't like parents ordering them, and if they try and tell them what's wrong for them, they misbehave with their parents. The question arises that, what is the reason behind all this. It is the parents' mistake or is it cause of the generation gap. Generation gap is basically created by the people themselves. They don't talk to their children and share their own points of views with the children. The point is that the parents are just so busy with their work and jobs that they don't have time for their family and their children. And they realize it when there has a huge distance between the kids and the parents. The point is if parents give their children some time from their busy schedule then there would be no such problem. At times you need to act as a friend to your children in order understands them more nicely.

Generation Gap is nothing but certain psychological and emotional gap between parents or elder people and younger ones. Creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between parents and children. The success of parenting lies in how effectively they avoid the generation gap r ignore the differences with kids.

In my opinion generation gap is the result of the fast paced development of the society. In earlier times two or three generations liven in the same lifestyle and environments as the development was so slow. But, today nearest past is very much outdated and the world is more advanced each day. Parents do not even know many of the modern technologies and equipments children use. Basically the recent developments in technology has accelerated overall development in every field and with very short time things which seemed to be considered impossible are now the usual things. Our parents lived in a bit slower society and they adjusted to that as well but now the pace has inceased considerably but they have same patterns what they used to have. The things which were considered luxuries at some time are now needs of today. People who are already adjusted to a particular lifestyle find it very difficult to adjust to new trends and requirements. The new generation is learning and adopting fast to the needs of the fast growing society which is sometimes a concern for elders. heir work patterns, jobs enjoyment and every other living pattern is very different. I believe the new trends are hard for them to adjust and we the present generation find it hard to make them understand. People have less time now are no time to relax upon things and work patterns are very quick. On the other side our elders are more of slow decision takers. I would suggest parents are more in commanding position and they should try to get acquainted to new trends if not then at least try to understand their children needs and remove age or parent children relation ship and give space without getting out the respect factor.

Understanding parents can always help a lot and its very easy for an elder to initiate than a younger one. Things change by the passage of time and in the same way requirements of life also change during that duration. It is not necessary that people like those things, which their parents used to like 20 or 30 years back. In the same way trends, behaviours, fashions, attitudes, liking and disliking also change by the passage of time. So far your question that why is there a generation gap between parents and children can be narrated in the following terms. As I told you above that things change by the passage of time and in the same way demand and requirements of life also change. People have to adopt those things, which are currently required by the people and they are bound to adopt those requirements. Sometimes parents feel ill on the habits, attitudes and behaviours of their children but they don't realize the current requirements of their children. They go on giving examples of the past and irritate their children for nothing. I think parents should only guide children properly and let them enjoy their present. By these conflicts, which take place between parents and children, it is said there is a generation gap. Dissimilarity stuck between the opinions and views of young people and their parents can be termed as a generation gap. The reason of generation gap is the dissimilar scale of priorities of both these generations. Parents talk on the basis of all those experiences that are results of the events and dealings they had faced in their lives while kids argue according to their surroundings and fantasies. When kids and parents are unable to make them agree with each other then this situation leads them to the state of disappointment. As a result of this situation kids avoid to talk to their parents and parents quench that their kids do not listen to them. Kids do not consider their parents in any matter and parents in certain situations leave their kids with their own good and bad while some situations lead both the parents and kids to the states of frustration and aggravation. The problem of generation gap is getting a value as a very serious issue for both the children and parents. This situation does not only make suffer these two parties but it affects the surroundings as well. In order to cope with this problem parents must think in a sharp and tactful manner because the kids are blameless and they do not adopt the things forcefully in a happy and satisfied manner.

These differences are so common in the tastes too. My generation has overly embraced the western influence in all forms of art to which there is a strong opposition from the earlier generation. My parents are admires of local traditional art forms and fear about the future of their existence. These traditional art forms are no doubt are very rich in their value and are essential features in our culture.

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