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20. Pronunciation

See p. 26 SB What do you remember? File 2

a Which word has a different sound? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A van      B tram      C lane   

1 A cooks      B plays      C lives     

2 A toes      B nose      C stomach     

3 A head      B hear      C egg     

4 A goes      B laughs      C works     

5 A serious      B ears      C egg     

Match the words with the same sound.

laughs head touch lives heart hear

Example: snake laughs

1 zebra __________

2 egg __________

3 ear __________

4 up __________

5 car


Underline the stressed syllable.

Example: stomach

1 opposite

2 unfriendly

3 grandfather

4 intelligent

5 abroad

Which is the stressed syllable? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A afternoon    B afternoon      C afternoon     

6 A comfortable      B comfortable      C comfortable     

7 A extrovert      B extrovert      C extrovert     

8 A unfriendly      B unfriendly      C unfriendly     

9 A similar      B similar      C similar     

10 A example      B example      C example     

File 2

  1. A Did they spend their holiday in Spain this year?

B Yes, they ______. They went to Granada.

  1. A What _______ when Abby arrived in New York?

B Someone stole all her luggage.

3. She ________ her husband when she was working in Milan.

4. A Who _______ the tennis?

B They’re still playing. Come and watch.

5. Who ________ the answer to this question?

6.What play ________ at the theatre?

7. A Were you having a shower when I phoned?

B Yes, I _______ . I often have a shower before dinner.

8. Dan _____ his leg when he was skiing.

9. A Who _____ this song?

B It’s by Bruce Springsteen, I think.

10. A Why did they _______ to leave early?

B I think, Joe had an argument with someone.

11. Paula _______ some lovely souvenirs when she went to Hawaii.

12. It _______ when I left the office, and I didn’t have an umbrella.

13. Who did you ___________ to Paris with? You didn’t invite me!

14. A What ______ when you saw her?

B I think she was going to the gym.

File 3 a,b,c,d

Going to, present continuous (see p.130 3A)

21.What expression do we use to talk about future plans and predictions?

(see ex.3A p,131 SB)

22.What tense do we use for future arrangements? (see ex.3A p,131 SB)

23.Vocabulary look after,for,forward

24.When do we use will/won’t? (see ex.3B p.131 SB)

25. What is the future form for there is/there are?

What is the future of can? (see ex.3A-B p,131 SB)

26. Pronunciation contractions, /o/,/јu/ (see p.31 ex3SB)

27. Pronunciation word stress: two-syllable words (see ex.2 p.32 SB)

28. What tense do we use for promises, offers, decisions? (see ex.3C p.131 SB)

29. Vocabulary verb +back (see ex.4 p.33 SB)

Review of tenses

30. What tense do you use when you talk about finished actions in the past? (see p.128 2A)

Example: _____ away last weekend?

A Did you go      B Did you went      C Went you     

What _____ you do last weekend?

A were      B did      C are     

31.What tense do you use to describe an action in progress at a specific moment in the past? (see p.128 2B)

Example: A What happened in the film?

B I don’t know. I ______ watching. I was asleep.

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