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The Oxford Thesaurus - An A-Z Dictionary Of Synonyms

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star. The alchemists tried to make base metal into gold. 10 become, be, change or turn or grow into, perform as: I think Quentin will make a brilliant surgeon one day. 11 serve as or for, be suitable for, be, prove to be, turn out to be, turn

into, become: This cut of meat will not make a good roast. 12 fetch, realize, earn, return: The locket made œ1000 at the auction. 13 score, earn, secure: The West Indies made 654 in their first innings. 14 reach, arrive at, attain, get (to),

win, achieve, accomplish; come in, Brit be placed, US place: Fran might make first place in the marathon. 15 prepare, arrange, rearrange, tidy (up), neaten (up): You have made your bed, now you will have to lie on it. 16 record, arrange, fix, decide (on or upon), agree (to): I made an appointment to see the doctor. 17 prepare, fix, cook: I made what you like for dinner. 18 deliver, present: Janet made a good speech. 19 traverse, cover, do, travel, navigate: We cannot make more than 100 miles a day over this terrain. 20 do, go, travel or move

at, move: His old banger could hardly make 40 m.p.h. 21 judge, think, calculate, estimate, reckon, gauge, suppose: What do you make of Sidney's new book? 22 establish, set up, organize: We made our headquarters in the farmhouse. 23 appoint, name, select, choose, elect, vote (in as), designate, authorize, commission, delegate, depute, deputize, assign, sanction, approve, affirm, certify, confirm: They made him their leader. 24 seduce, make it with: Kenneth tried to make Sharon last night. 25 make as if or as though. pretend, feign, act as if or

as though, affect, make a show or pretence of, give the impression of: He made as if to strike me. 26 make away. run off or away, flee, fly, make off, abscond, take to one's heels, decamp, beat a (hasty) retreat, Colloq run for it, make a run for it, beat it, clear out, cut and run, skedaddle, take off,

cut out, skip (town), make tracks, US fly the coop, Slang scram, vamoose, US hightail it, take a (run-out) powder: Taking the jewels, he made away as fast as he could run. 27 make away with. steal, rob, filch, pilfer, purloin, walk away or off with, Colloq borrow, liberate, boost, Slang pinch, hook, swipe, rip off, lift, US boost: That boy has made away with my cherry tarts! 28 make believe. pretend, fancy, play-act, dream, fantasize, imagine, act as if: We used to make believe we were grown-ups. 29 make do. get by or along, cope, scrape by or along, manage, muddle through, survive, Colloq make out: We have to make do on the pittance Randolph gets from the university. 30 make for. a head for or towards, aim for, steer

(a course) for, proceed towards, be bound for: After this is done, I am making for the nearest pub. b assault, attack, set upon, charge, rush (at), pounce upon, fall upon or on, go for, lunge at, storm, assail: The big fellow was making for me with a knife when the lights went out. c promote, contribute to, be conducive to, favour, facilitate: Good fences make for good neighbours. 31 make good. a make up (for), pay (for), compensate for, recompense (for), repay, offset, make restitution for, settle, square, rectify, put to rights, set

right, remedy, correct, restore: He agreed to make good any losses. b succeed, prosper, flourish, thrive, Colloq make it: In later life he made good as a property developer. c fulfil, carry out, Colloq deliver (the goods): She made good on her promise to return my book. 32 make it. a succeed, prosper,

triumph, win, make good, Colloq make the grade: Do you think she will make it as a doctor? b arrive, get (somewhere), show up, appear, turn up: They are hoping to catch the 5:03 to Ipswich but I doubt if they will make it. 33 make known. tell of, impart, disclose, reveal, divulge, mention, communicate, announce, declare, promulgate, publish, let slip, Colloq tip

off: She made known her demands. 34 make much of. a exaggerate, overstate, colour, hyperbolize, Colloq make a big deal of, blow up: He made much of his new title. b coddle, cosset, baby, pamper, dote on, flatter, toady (up) to, cajole, humour, indulge, Colloq butter up: Henry makes much of his grandchildren. 35 make off. See make, 26, above. 36 make off with. See make, 27, above. 37 make out. a see, discern, descry, espy, detect, discover, distinguish, perceive: I made out a dim figure in the gloom. b complete, fill in, Brit fill

up, US and Canadian fill out: I made out an application for the job. c draw (up), write (out or down), record, Colloq US cut: Please make out a list of your complaints. Make out the cheque to me, personally. d understand, fathom, comprehend, figure out, perceive, follow, grasp, see, decipher, read: She mumbles so, I

cannot make out what she's saying. Can you make out this name? e suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, impute, intimate,

make to appear, pretend, make as if or as though, represent; present, show, demonstrate, establish: She tried to make out that I was a fool. He made out a strong case for dog licensing. f get on, survive, manage, fare, thrive, succeed: How are you making out in your new house? 38 make over. a do over, remodel, redecorate, alter: We are making over our kitchen. b transfer, hand over, sign over, convey, assign, turn over: The

property has been made over to me. 39 make up. a complete, fill out, finish (out), flesh out: We need another player to

make up the team. b compose, form, constitute, be comprised of: The gang is made up of ex-convicts. c hatch, invent, concoct, devise, create, construct, dream up, originate, coin, compose, Colloq cook up: He made up that story about the murder. d be reconciled, make peace, settle amicably, come to terms, bury the hatchet: The litigants have kissed and made up. e construct, build: The shack is made up of scrap boards. 40 make up for. compensate, redress, make good, atone, make amends: How can I make up for all the bad things I said about you? 41 make way. move aside, clear the way, allow to pass, make room or space: Make way for the Lord High Executioner!

--n. 42 kind, brand, style, sort, type, mark: Foreign makes of car currently dominate the market-place. 43 on the make. aggressive, assertive, go-ahead, enterprising, vigorous, energetic, Colloq pushy: The book is about a young man on the make in today's financial world.

makeshift adj. 1 temporary, stopgap, expedient, emergency, temporary, jury-rigged, improvised, tentative, stand-by, slapdash: We were able to fashion a makeshift rudder out of an oar.

--n. 2 stopgap, expedient, improvisation, substitute: The heater broke down and we had to get along with a makeshift.

make-up n. 1 cosmetics, maquillage, greasepaint, Colloq warpaint: Do


you think I am wearing too much make-up? 2 constitution,


character, cast, disposition, personality: There is not an


ounce of sympathy in Janet's make-up. 3 constitution,


arrangement, construction, composition, format, configuration,


build, form: What is the chemical make-up of the plastic?


adj. masculine, man's; virile, manly, manful; Archaic spear:


His is bound to be a male point of view.

malignant adj. 1 virulent, pernicious, deadly, fatal, toxic, poisonous, harmful, life-threatening: The tumour proved to be malignant. 2 malign, malevolent, evil, malicious, pernicious, vicious, invidious, spiteful, bitter, hateful, venomous: The expos‚ was full of malignant insinuations.

man n. 1 gentleman, male, fellow, Colloq guy, chap, Brit bloke, squire, Slang gink, geezer, US gazabo: Have you met the man she is going to marry? 2 people, human beings, mankind, mortals, Homo sapiens, humanity, humankind, the human race: Man wants but little here below. 3 valet, manservant, gentleman's

gentleman, servant, retainer, houseboy, houseman: Humberson sent his man round with a note.

--v. 4 staff, people, crew; cover: Who will man the office while I am away?

manacle n. 1 manacles. shackles, fetters, handcuffs, gyves, chains, irons, Colloq cuffs, Slang bracelets, Brit darbies: The manacles are cutting into his wrists.

--v. 2 shackle, fetter, handcuff, restrain, put or throw or

clap in irons, chain, Colloq US cuff: The manacled prisoner was led away. 3 confine, inhibit, restrain, curb, check, control, hamper: They felt manacled by the nine o'clock curfew.

manage v. 1 handle, administer, run, supervise, look after, watch over, direct, head, oversee, superintend, direct, preside over, be in charge (of), take care of, control; rule (over), govern, regulate: Mr Grant manages the glove department. 2 handle, cope or deal with, control, govern, manipulate: Will you be able to manage such a frisky horse? 3 conduct, carry on, carry out, bring off, control, undertake, take care of, look after, handle: Is she old enough to manage her own affairs? 4 succeed, function, make do, make it, shift (for oneself), get

along or by or on, make out, muddle through, survive: Will you be able to manage from here on?


adj. controllable; tractable, compliant, amenable, docile, tameable, tame, trainable, teachable, manipulable, submissive: Keep your spending within manageable limits. The dog is quite manageable.


n. 1 managing, control, supervision, manipulation, handling, direction, directing, directorship, administration, government, conduct, governance, operation, running, superintendence, command, guidance, stewardship: The management of the company

is in your hands. 2 administration, executive(s), bosses, directors, board (of directors), directorate, Colloq (top)

brass: The management believes that you are the right person for the job.

manager n. supervisor, superintendent, director, executive, head, proprietor, overseer, foreman, forewoman, administrator, Chiefly Brit manageress , US straw boss, Colloq boss, chief: The position of manager entails a lot of responsibility.

mandatory adj. compulsory, obligatory, requisite, required; essential, commanded, demanded, necessary, needed: The wearing of safety belts in cars is mandatory.

mangle v. destroy, mutilate, butcher, deform, disfigure, spoil, mar, ruin, wreck; cut, hack, lacerate, chop (up), crush, damage, cripple, maim: Don't you hate the way they mangle the English language? His hand was badly mangled in the accident.

mangy adj. scruffy, dirty, sleazy, wretched, miserable, repulsive, sorry, squalid, slovenly, unkempt, filthy, dingy, seedy, poor, shabby, mean, low, ignominious, base, abject, odious, disreputable, moth-eaten, contemptible, despicable, nasty, scurvy: The mangy beggar turned out to be our agent in Calcutta.

manhandle v. maul, paw, rough up, batter, beat (up), pummel, abuse, mistreat, maltreat, ill-treat, trounce, belabour, Slang knock

about or around, clobber: His captors manhandled him into a car and drove off.

man-hater n. misanthrope, misanthropist: He says he prefers to live alone because he's a man-hater.

manhood n. 1 masculinity, manliness, manfulness, virility, Colloq machismo: He felt that looking after the children at home somehow compromised his manhood. 2 bravery, pluck, boldness, determination, resolution, fortitude, grit, spirit, force, US intestinal fortitude, Colloq guts: He joined the army to test

his manhood.

mania n. 1 rage, craze, passion, obsession, compulsion, urge, fascination, preoccupation, furore or US furor, yearning,

craving, desire, cacoethes, Colloq fad, yen: By that time, the hula hoop mania had died down. She has a mania for collecting apostle spoons. 2 madness, lunacy, insanity, dementia, derangement, hysteria, Technical manic disorder: The psychiatrists diagnosed his problem as a mania.

maniac n. 1 madman, madwoman, lunatic, psychopath, psychotic, Colloq crackpot, Slang nut, Brit nutter, loony, US kook: In former

times, maniacs were scorned and maltreated. 2 fanatic, fan, enthusiast, zealot, Slang freak, fiend: Since his retirement, he has become a golf maniac.

maniacal adj. 1 manic, maniac, insane, lunatic, mad, demented, deranged, hysterical, mentally ill, of unsound mind, non compos mentis, psychotic: He had to be hospitalized because of his maniacal behaviour. 2 hysterical, berserk, wild, crazy, Slang loony:

His maniacal outbursts frightened us.

manifest adj. 1 apparent, clear, evident, obvious, plain, patent, blatant, conspicuous, unmistakable or unmistakeable, discernible, recognizable, comprehensible, distinct, palpable, definite, explicit, unambiguous, unquestionable, indubitable, indisputable: He lost his job because of his manifest dishonesty.

--v. 2 show, demonstrate, exhibit, evince, reveal, disclose, display, betray; express, declare: Fitzsimmons had been manifesting signs of dissatisfaction with his assignment. 3 prove, corroborate, substantiate, attest: His distaste for cauliflower was manifested by the look on his face.


n. display, exhibition, demonstration, show, disclosure, appearance, exposure, presentation, sign, indication, mark, expression, example, instance; declaration, avowal, publication, announcement: The police feared that the crime wave was a manifestation of civil unrest. The first manifestation of

thought is speech.


adv. evidently, clearly, obviously, plainly, apparently, patently, unmistakably or unmistakeably, palpably, unquestionably, indubitably, undoubtedly, indisputably: The

treaty is manifestly to England's advantage.

manifold adj. diverse, diversified, multifarious, varied, various, assorted, multiplex, miscellaneous, sundry, many-sided, many different, Literary divers; many, numerous, multitudinous: I have manifold reasons for wishing you to stay.


v. 1 manage, handle, control, manoeuvre, orchestrate, choreograph, influence, use, exploit, play on, utilize: He

knows how to manipulate people to make them do what he wants. 2 handle, control, operate, direct, work, use, employ, negotiate:

The controls can be manipulated to make the robot imitate human motion. 3 rig, falsify, juggle, tamper with, doctor, Colloq

cook, Chiefly Brit fiddle: He's been manipulating his expense account for years.

manly adj. manful, virile, courageous, bold, brave, intrepid, valorous, valiant, dauntless, fearless, plucky, daring, venturesome, stout-hearted, resolute, stable, steadfast, unflinching, unwavering, unshrinking, chivalrous, gallant, noble, heroic; masculine, male, Colloq macho, red-blooded: Emerson characterized the English as manly rather than warlike.

manner n. 1 way, mode, style, technique, procedure, method, fashion; means, approach: Her incisive manner of reporting is widely admired. 2 air, behaviour, mien, demeanour, bearing, deportment, comportment, conduct, attitude, aspect: His manner is overbearing and dictatorial. 3 manners. etiquette, decorum, (good) form, politeness, proprieties, protocol, politesse,

civility, ceremony, social code, social graces, formalities, niceties, amenities, social conventions; behaviour, conduct: Can't you teach him some manners?

mannered adj. artificial, contrived, stilted, stiff, affected,

insincere, pompous, pretentious, posed, unnatural, hypocritical, Colloq phoney or US also phony, pseudo, highfalutin or hifalutin, la-di-da or lah-di-dah or la-de-da, hoity-toity, on one's high horse, high-hat, uppity or Brit uppish: Alice's speech is too mannered for anyone to feel close to her.

mannerism n. quirk, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, trait, characteristic, habit: She has the irritating mannerism of pulling on her ear


manoeuvre n. 1 move, stratagem, tactic, trick, gambit, ploy, subterfuge, ruse, dodge, artifice, device, wile, d‚marche; strategy, plan,

plot, scheme, intrigue, machination: That manoeuvre will never work on a clever woman. 2 exercise, operation, drill, war-game, operation, kriegspiel, training: We were out on manoeuvres for a week.

--v. 3 manipulate, contrive, plot, scheme, machinate, intrigue, trick, devise, engineer, finesse, manage, Colloq finagle,

wangle: His manoeuvred his way out of going on that mission. 4 manipulate, operate, run, drive, guide, navigate, jockey: She manoeuvred the car into a surprisingly tiny space.

mantle n. 1 cloak, cape, wrap, shawl, pelisse, pelerine: Over his armour he wore a mantle embroidered with his bearing. 2 covering, cover, sheet, veil, blanket, screen, cloak, shroud, pall, canopy, curtain: A mantle of snow lay on the ground.

--v. 3 cover, clothe, envelop, surround, encircle, shroud, veil, screen, obscure, cloak, conceal, hide, mask, wrap, disguise: The mountains were brilliantly mantled and capped with snow.

manual n. handbook, vade-mecum, enchiridion; directions, instructions, guide: Follow the manual carefully to avoid mistakes.


v. 1 make, (mass-)produce, construct, build, assemble, fabricate, put together, turn out, create, originate: The company manufactures windscreen wipers. 2 concoct, create, contrive, invent, make up, fabricate, think up, US and Canadian create out of or from whole cloth, Colloq cook up: She manufactured that tale about being an orphan.

--n. 3 making, (mass) production, construction, building, assembly, fabrication, turning or putting out, putting together, creation, origination: The manufacture of durable goods increased .02% in the last quarter.


n. maker, producer, industrialist, fabricator: Manufacturers

of computers usually buy components from specialized firms.


adj. 1 numerous, multitudinous, myriad, profuse, innumerable,


numberless, uncountable: Many people have an irrational fear of


spiders. 2 diverse, multifarious, varied, various, assorted,


sundry, Literary divers: There are many kinds of courage.

--pron., (n.) 3 horde(s), crowd(s), lot(s), swarm(s),

throng(s), mass(es), profusion, multitude(s), abundance, plenty,


shoal(s), flock(s), drove(s), torrent(s), flood(s), number(s),


score(s), hundred(s), (thousand(s), etc.); Colloq ton(s), scads:


A great many will turn out to vote next week. Many are picked


but few are chosen.


v. 1 damage, ruin, mutilate, deface, spoil, scar, disfigure:

The surface of the table was marred by a deep scratch. 2 damage, wreck, ruin, impair, harm, hurt, blight, blot, taint, stain, tarnish: She claims that her reputation was marred by the article.

march v. 1 parade, step, stride, strut, tread, pace, walk: They marched from Baxter Street to the Town Hall.

--n. 2 parade, procession, demonstration, cortege or cortŠge, walk: The march was organized to protest against the government's nuclear arms policy. 3 walk, trek, slog, hike: We had a long march ahead of us to get to Hastings.

margin n. 1 edge, border, perimeter, periphery; rim, lip, side, brink, verge: Leave a one-inch margin at the left side of the page. Trees grew at the margin of the pond. 2 limit(s), bound(s), boundary (line), border, frontier, line, partition line: These streets form the margin of the inner city. 3 allowance, play, leeway, latitude, scope, freedom, room, space; compass: These calculations do not provide much of a margin for error.

marginal adj. 1 borderline, minimal, small, slight, negligible, insignificant, tiny, infinitesimal: There are marginal differences in policy on this issue. 2 borderline, on the edge, disputable, questionable, doubtful, dubious: His qualifications for the job are marginal.

marine adj. 1 maritime, nautical, naval, seafaring, seagoing,


ocean-going, sea: Marine commerce has declined during recent


decades. 2 maritime, sea, oceanic, aquatic, salt-water,


pelagic, thalassic: Many groups are concerned about the


conservation of marine life.


n. 1 spot, stain, blemish, smear, smudge, trace, impression,


dent, nick, scratch, pock-mark or pock, streak, line, Brit


splodge, US splotch: One of the children had made a mark on the


newly painted wall. 2 sign, symbol, insigne, emblem, device,


hallmark, earmark, fingerprint, badge, characteristic, token,


brand, stamp, label, identification, indication, feature,


attribute, trait, quality, property: This work bears the mark


of true genius. 3 standard, criterion, norm, yardstick, level,


measure: I'm afraid your son's work has not come up to the


mark. 4 rating, grade, grading: I'd give her a low mark for


originality but high marks for technique. 5 influence,


impression, effect: Her innovations have left their mark on all


music composed since 1900. 6 target, goal, objective, aim,


purpose, end, object: Her criticisms fell wide of the mark. 7


marker, indicator, guide, signpost, landmark: The next mark, a


bell-buoy, should be left to port. 8 consequence, importance,


note, noteworthiness, notability, distinction, eminence,


dignity, prestige, standing, account: Granada was a place of


little mark as compared with Cordova. 9 make one's mark.


succeed, get ahead, triumph, distinguish oneself, attain


distinction, bring honour upon oneself, acquit oneself, bring


credit to oneself, have an effect, Colloq make it big, make the


grade: Randolph has made his mark in the world of scholarship.


--v. 10 Sometimes, mark up. spot, stain, blemish, smear,


smudge, streak, dent, trace, pock-mark, nick, scratch, cut,


chip, pit, bruise: That glass has marked the finish on the


table. 11 signify, specify, indicate, designate, identify,


tick, label: Mark your choice with an 'X' next to the


candidate's name. 12 pay attention to, attend (to), pay heed


to, note, notice, take notice of, watch, see, look at, observe;


respect, mind, heed, obey: Mark the way she swings the golf


club. Mark my words or you'll be sorry. 13 brand, stamp,


identify, characterize, distinguish: His music is marked by


long atonal passages. 14 correct; grade, evaluate, assess,


appraise: The teachers are busy marking exam papers. 15 mark


down. a write (down), record, register, make (a) note of, note


(down): Mark down these numbers in your book. b decrease,

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