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Why the Glade Red? The Greeks who have come here in 70 years of 19 centuries from Stavropol Territory, have found these places after eviction of local Circassian communities living here. In the autumn the fern gets a reddish shade, and the future colonists, having seen this beauty, named settlement the Red Glade which has soon superseded from use the name Settlement Romanovsk

The glade is located in a valley of river Мзымты. And from different directions it is surrounded by mountains. Дзитаку, Псеашхо, (glaciers) Аибги, Ачишхо.Middle year tempruture +10. From November till May the snow lies in settlement. In the glade the ll be no Olympus objects – only an infrastructure. All of them are high above on the current of Мзымты. And today we will see some of them.

At the left - a water basin of daily regulation of a water level in HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.

In the Glade or aul Кбаадэ as named this place in 19 centuries living here to the middle the mountain people many blossoming gardens. This tradition goes from the Circassian people living here which, leaving in a military campaign or on hunting, took with itself a shank of a fruit tree and imparted it to wild wood fruit trees. And now still it is possible to meet far in mountains the rests of ancient Circassian gardens. Circassians considered, that only the one who has planted for the life of more than 50 trees, will get to paradise. Well, there` s a sense to learn such laws of the mountaineers.

On the right we see a temple св Zynaidas. Population КРП многоконфессиональное. But the majority - orthodox - Greeks, Russian, Armenians. We drive trough the ain street - Defenders of caucasus. It is named so not casually. In some kilometers from these places passed a front line during the Second World War and all the people of Glade eve old men, and schoolboys took in hands the weapon. If Germans managed to tear a front line they left on the Black Sea coast in back to the Soviet armies heroically protecting approaches to Tuapse. And defeat of our armies on Caucasus meant a great trouble for aa russian people So, we drive to the centre of settlement to see that place where in 21 05 1864 parade рус the armies has taken place, marked the end of the Caucasian war. Look on the left, here on this nowadays to an athletic field, there passed this parade. Hardly in depth from road, there is an oak, to which, according to the scientists, more than three hundred years. This silent witness remembers much. And those tragical events of 1864, too. And it is time for tea and pancakes with linden and chestnut honey – it’s a traditional russian dish.

On our way is the club system Ekaterina-Alpik. There will stop al the offisial people in 2014. The complex under a green roof is the building of the Ministry of extreme situations. This Ministry has plenty of work even now. Often someone is lost in mountains, get under a snow-slip, injured during mountain-skiing descent. The Ministry of Emergency Measures always operatively comes to the aid. And, considering an Olympus as mountain resort, a role of the Ministry of Emergency Measures it is difficult to overestimate On the right high-rise buildings are for builders of the Olympic Games. Carriages are adapted for occurrence with skis. On the basis of this rope way sports schools training young champions to mountain-skiing kinds of sports.

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