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I have recognized Mr. Johnson.

  1. I read the book.

  2. He wrote a new book.

  3. He told me the answer to my question.

  4. They went away with their friends.

  5. The students wrote some short stories.

  6. We saw a play by Shaw.

  7. We spoke about the play before.

  8. John left his book at home.

  9. All the students left their books at home.

Exercise 7. Put the verbs that are in brackets into the Fu­ture Perfect Tense. Example: When they get there the film (start) already. When they get there the film will have alrea­dy started.

  1. By half-past seven we (have) supper.

  2. I (finish) my woFk before you go away.

  3. By this time next week you (take) your examinations.

  4. When we see you next week we (buy) a new car.

  5. He (finish) the building of the house before summer.

  6. We (leave) your house before it gets dark.

  7. By the end of the year I (read) two books of Essential English.

  8. The dance party (start) before we get there.

  9. The birds (fly) away before the winter comes.

- 65 -

10. I hope you (not forget) all about the Future Perfect Tense by the next lesson.

Exercise 8. Put in the right tense: Past Simple, Past Per­fect, Persent Perfect or Present Simple.

  1. I ... John yesterday (saw / have seen).

  2. Did you? I ... him for weeks (didn't see / haven't se­en).

  3. I ... Mary since 1975 (know /have known).

  4. I think I ... her very well (know / have known).

  5. ... to India? (Have you ever been/Did you ever go).

  6. How long ... that watch? (have you had / did you have / do you have).

  7. John ... a new car two weeks ago (bought / has bought).

  8. Molly lives in Dublin. She ... there all her life (li­ves / has lived / lived).

  9. John and Mary are married. They ... for 10 years (are married / have been married / were married).

  1. I ... tennis when I was on holiday last summer (didn't play / hadn't play).

  2. The woman was a complete stranger to me. I ... her be­fore (didn't ever see / hadn't ever seen).

Exercise 9. Put in since, for or ago.

  1. We've lived in London ... eight years.

  2. I've only known her ... yesterday.

  3. I entered the Institute three years ....

  4. She's been a teacher ... fifteen years.

  5. It's been raining ... three days.

  6. I first went to the USA about seven years ....

  7. Mary phoned a few minutes ... .

  8. I haven't seen her ... weeks.

- 66 -

- 67 -

9. I haven't visited them ... June. 10. He hasn't smoked ... two years.

Exercise 10. Write 5 sentences about things which have just happend. Examples: We have just done exercise 9.

I have just spoken to my friend.

Exercise 11. Write a number of sentences about yourself using these examples:

1. I've never been to China, but

I've been to Japan. That was 3 years ago.

2. I've never studied at college, but

I've studied at school. That was last year.

Exercise 12. Read a sentence and write another sentence with the same meaning. Example: We have solved the problem. The problem has been solved.

  1. I have seen a new film.

  2. They have completed the work this week.

  3. We have just sent a letter.

  4. The Institute has offered me an interesting job.

  5. We have already obtained the positive results.

  6. He has just delivered the lecture.

  7. She has visited the congress in Italia.

  8. I have lost my key.

  9. He has finished the work at 5.

10. The students have done exercise 10.

Exercise 13. Ask and answer.

Example: "Have you ever been to China?" "Yes, I have"

"No. I haven't"

"Not yet" "What did you think of it?" - "Great"

"Not bad" "Ok" "I didn't like it".

  1. Have you ever been to Moscow?

  2. Have you ever seen "Gone With the Wind"?

  3. Have you ever read Samuel Clemens' novels?

  4. Have you ever gone travelling?

  5. Have you ever read an English book in the original?

  6. Have you ever failed in an examination? ?. Have you ever studied French?

  1. Have you ever drunk coca-cola?

  2. Have you ever skated?

10. Have you ever played gitar?

- 68 -

UNIT 10.

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