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8. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Simple or the

Past Simple

A: Hello, Billy. I 1) haven’t seen (not / see) you for a long time.

B: Yes, I 2) ______ (be) very busy recently.

A: Really? Tell me what you 3) _____ (do) since we last 4) _____ (see) each other.

B: Well, I 5) _____ (get) my degree last month and then I 6) _____ (move) house.

A: When 7) _____ (you / move)?

B: Last week, but I 8) _____ (not / unpack) everything yet.

A: I 9) _____ (phone) you on Tuesday but there 10) _____ (be) no answer.

B: I 11) _____ (be) busy at my new house then.

A: Never mind, I only 12) _____ (want) to invite you to a party next week at my house.

B: Great! Thank you.

9. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Simple or the

Past Simple

1. Mr and Mrs Ivashko won (win) two free tickets to Paris in a TV show last week. 2. First, Robert ______ (brush) his teeth, then he _____ (go) to bed. 3. “_____ (you / ever / see) a lion?” – “Yes, I saw one when I _____ (go) to Kenya in 1996.” 4. I _____ (not / see) my family for two years. 5. “Where is Oleg?” – “He _____ (go) fishing for the day with his father.” 6. My sister _____ (not / play) the violin since she was twelve. 7. I _____ (already / see) this film. Let’s watch something else. 8. Last week, Fred _____ (fall) off a ladder and _____ (break) his arm. 9. I _____ (never / hear) such a moving song before. 10. Jennifer _____ (always / want) to get Harrison Ford’s autograph.

10. Correct the mistakes

1. We have bought a new sofa last month. 2. Jim lives in England for three years. 3. My father has went fishing. 4. She is just moved house. 5. We have eaten lunch at one o’clock. 6. Sophie has do her homework. 7. Tanya and Tima have got married ten years ago. 8. I am at school since nine o’clock.


1. Study the vocabulary carefully


to step down – уйти в отставку

appointment – назначение на должность

to claim – заявлять, утверждать

apparently- очевидно, несомненно

chum- близкий друг, приятель

to drop out of Yale – бросать учёбу в Йельском университете

meanwhile – тем временем

to hire – нанимать на работу

to be in charge- быть ответственным за

to assume control – взять на себя управление

to be behind schedule – запаздывать

2. Read the text and translate it into Russian


Who is the boss of the world's leading manufacturer of personal and business computing software? Ask most people and they will say the mega rich Bill Gates. But no, the planet's wealthiest man stepped down from the top job in January 2000 to take on a new appointment and what he claims is his real passion. Apparently this is not making money, but his art collection. Since then, the chief executive of Microsoft Corporation has been his old university chum, Steve Ballmer.

History tells us that Gates dropped out of Yale to set up Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. Meanwhile, his other friend Steve, who lived down the hall, graduated with a degree in social science. He then went on to work for two years at Proctor and Gamble, and attend the Manchester University Graduate School of Business.

Ballmer has worked for Microsoft since 1980, when Gates remembered his college mate and hired him as the company's first business manager. Over the last 20 years Ballmer has been in charge of several Microsoft divisions, including operations, marketing, and sales and support. In July 1998 he was promoted to managing director, a role that gave him day-to-day responsibility for running the company. However, since Gates became “Chief Software Architect”, Ballmer has assumed full management control of Microsoft. (Just in case, Bill has retained some power as Chairman.)

Legend has it that in spring 1986, soon after hiring Ballmer, Gates called him into his office. Microsoft's deadline to produce Office 97 was getting behind schedule, and Gates reportedly threatened to fire his friend if the software wasn't on the shelves by the end of the year. Needless to say, Windows was ready by the end of the year, and they have remained the best of friends. Proof of this is that Steve was godfather at Bill's wedding.

Ballmer has influenced Microsoft with his own brand of energy and discipline. He says, “I want everyone to share my passion for cats and dogs. I want people to understand the amazing, positive way our software can make leisure time more enjoyable, and businesses more successful.” Ballmer plays squash and loves basketball.

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