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Test 2 The United States of America

1. How many states does the United States of America comprise at present?

a. 50 b. 13 c. 49

2. Where is Washington, the federal capital, located?

a. In the State of Washington b. in the District of Columbia

c. in the State of New York

3. How many stars and stripes does the American national flag have?

a. 50 stars and 13 stripes b. 13 stars and 50 stripes

c. 20 stars and 15 stripes

4. What are the two leading national parties in the USA?

a. the Republican Party and the Democratic Party

b. the Conservative Party and the Labour Party

c. the Green Party and the Prohibition Party

5. What chambers does Congress consist of?

a. the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts

b. the House of Representatives and the Senate

c. the House of Commons and the House of Lords

6. What is the highest mountain in the USA?

a. Mount Vernon b. Mount Whitney c.Mount McKinley

7. What is the longest river in the USA?

a. the Tennessee b. the Mississippi c. the Colorado

9. When did Christopher Columbus discover America?

a. in 1000 b. in 1492 c. in 1607

10. When do American people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

a. in November b. in July c. in September

11. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

a. George Washington b. Thomas Jefferson c. Benjamin Franklin

12. What type of schools provides free secondary education?

a. comprehensive schools b. private schools

c. public schools

13. What tragic event happened on September 11, 2001?

a. The Twin Towers in New York were destroyed by terrorists.

b. The American war in Afghanistan began.

c. The American war in Iraq started.

14. What tragic event made the USA declare war on Japan in 1941?

a. the German bombing raids on Great Britain

b. the Japanese invasion into Manchuria

c. the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

15. What is the oldest university in the USA?

a. the University of California b. Harvard University

c. Princeton University

16. What is the centre of the US automobile industry?

a. Chicago b. Detroit c. San Francisco

17. Where is the Statue of Liberty located?

a. in New York Harbor b. in Washington Mall

c. in Broadway in New York

18. What is the name of the building of the US Department of Defense?

a. the Mission Control Centre b. the Pentagon

c. the War Ministry

19. Where does the American President live and work?

a. in the City Hall b. in the White House c. in the Capitol

20. Who created the Statue of liberty?

a. Frank Lloyd Wright b. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

c. Pierre L'Enfant

21. Where are the United Nations Headquarters situated?

a. in Washington b. in New York c. in Philadelphia

22. Where is Hollywood, the centre of the US film industry, located?

  1. in Los Angeles, California

  2. in Miami, Florida

  3. in Boston, Massachusetts

23. What is the symbol of the US financial power?

  1. Times Square b. Pennsylvania Avenue c. Wall Street

24. How many floors does the Empire State Building have?

a. 102 b. 50 c. 120

25. Where is the Metropolitan Museum of Art located?

a. Washington b. New York c. Atlanta

26. When was the Constitution of the USA adopted?

a. in 1791 b. in 1787 c. in 1776

27. What is the national anthem of the USA?

a. the Stars and Stripes b. the Star – Spangled Banner

c. America the Beautiful

28. What is the motto of the USA?

a. “God save of our Gracious Queen”

b. “In God we trust” c. “Liberty Enlightening the World”

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