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1.11 Replace the underlined verbs with less formal verbs that have the same meaning in the context:

1 It is very difficult to obtain a place at university.

2 You have to pass exams before you can enter university.

3 He is studying physics, I think.

4 Did she receive a grant for her course?

5 The course continues for five years.

1.12 Fill the gaps with a suitable word:

1 My brother is 20. He is still …… university in York.

2 She has got a degree …… chemistry.

3 He’s …… research …… various types of world climate.

4 Who is the head in your ……?

1.13 Read these sentences spoken by university students. What is each person studying?

1 We have to know scientific laws that control the life of a particular type of animal or plant.

2 The way we use fertilizers is much more precise than 20 years ago.

3 The world’s human population is now over five billion and is rising rapidly.

4 People are beginning to realize that environmental problems are not somebody else’s.

5 Functional analysis as well as the theory of differential variable function spaces was created.

6 The study of light is called optics.

1.14 Complete the following sentences:

1 Tyumen State University is one of the……

2 It was given “University Status”…….

3 The University provides……

4 The library is proud of its……

5 The students have the opportunity……

6 Tyumen State University allows students……

7 Within the University there are……

8 TSU has extended its borders and it has……

9 The University began looking for……

10 The students have an opportunity to improve……

11 The development of international contacts allows……

12 The University takes part in……

13 Graduates of TSU work……

14 The professional knowledge and creative experience permit students……

1.15 Translate the following sentences into English:

1 ТГУ – это мощный образовательный центр в области.

2 Студенты имеют доступ к современным мультимедийным средствам.

3 Университетская библиотека гордится уникальной коллекцией редких книг.

4 Каждый год университет проводит конференции международного, областного и российского уровня.

5 Международные соглашения дают студентам возможность улучшать свои знания за рубежом.

6 Студенты принимают участие в международных проектах.

7 Существует много видов деятельности, которые охватывают все студенческие интересы.

8 Знания, полученные в университете, позволяют студентам успешно достигать своих целей.

9 ТГУ – это первый шаг в карьере многих людей.

1. 16 Correspond the names in a with the following numbers in b:


1 Institutes a) 16

2 Faculties b) 12

3 Specialities c) 1.5 million volumes

4 Students d) 4

5 Branches e) 1

6 Buildings f) 7

7 Computer classes g) 157

8 Sport Halls h) 460

9 Museums I) 76

10 Art Gallery j) 40,000

11 Library k) 5

12 Representative Centres l) 9

13 Departments m) 50

14 Professors n) 8

15 Candidates of Science o) 50

1.17 Read the sentences and decide which word a, b, or c best fits each space.

Model: The university provides …excellent … opportunity for education.

A) excellent B) beautiful C) heavy

1 Tyumen State University is a …… educational centre for the region.

A) powerful B) enormous C) strong

2 Tyumen’s Institute of Higher Education underwent a …… change.

A) huge B) considerable C) constant

3 The main buildings of the campus are located in the ..… centre of the city.

A) strange B) outside C) historical

4 Students have access to …(1)… computers, …(2).. lecture halls and classrooms.

(1) A) well-built B) up-to-date C) current

(2) A) spacious B) slightest C) impossible

5 Students can always use one of the 800 computers …… to the Internet.

A) condensed B) connected C) reserved

6 The University gives students …… to gain theoretical knowledge.

A) chance B) development C) projects

7 Tyumen State University offers educational …… in other cities and regions.

A) expeditions B) services C) celebrations

8 The University conducts a great deal of …… work.

A) problem B) protection C) research

9 The University takes part in different …… projects of the European Union.

A) international B) successful C) amusing

10 Students have an opportunity to …… their education abroad.

A) to increase B) to store C) to improve

11 The development of international contacts allows the students ..…their horizons.

A) to capture B) to widen C) to narrow

12 The professional knowledge gained at TSU let the students …… their life goals.

A) progress B) undergo C) achieve

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