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1.20 Speak about the University according to the following schemes:

Tyumen Teacher’s Training Institute (1930)

Tyumen State University (1973)

16 branches practice centres 9 representative centres


2.1 Say a few words about your studies:

a) where you study; b) what subjects you study; c) your lectures and seminars; d) how many classes you have every day and what they are;

e) how often you write research-papers (essays); f) how long your classes last.

2.2 Read the following words and word-combinations correctly:

Faculty, mathematics, finance, approximately, multi-media laboratories, the teaching staff, applied computer science, narrow specialization, knowledgeable, specialized courses, to acquire, specialists, candidate degree, glorious, dissertation, research, a graduate, to graduate.

2.3 Read the text through and be ready to do the exercises after.


As it is well known the success or failure of adult life depends upon the choice made early in life.

I am a student of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. Our Institute is quite young, it was established on the basis of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2005. The building of our Institute is situated in the centre of Tyumen, at the corner of Lenin and Perekopskaya Streets. Our Institute is one of the largest institutes of the University. First of all it is so because the professions related to the computer science are very popular today.

There are many departments in our Institute such as Mathematics, Computer Security, Software and Administration of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science in Economics. Besides, there are multimedia laboratories connected to the Internet. Every student has an opportunity to work in up-to-date well-equipped lecture rooms where different problems of mathematics are under investigation. Here students can acquire skills, which fit them for a better career and get much practical and useful experience in scientific research. The teaching staff of the Institute consists of professors, Candidates of Science and well-qualified lecturers. All of them are knowledgeable in their subjects, friendly and well-organized. All students of the Institute are divided into groups. The head of the Institute, the director, appoints heads of each group. These students are responsible for the attendance of lessons and for the students’ progress. Our classes usually start at 8 o’clock in the morning and last till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Each lecture or seminar lasts an hour and a half.

Students are acquainted with all branches of mathematics and computer science. They are lectured in various subjects. During the first two years they attend lectures on geometry, physics, history and foreign languages. They learn English to be able to read the latest information on different problems in foreign magazines and scientific books. The next years more narrow specialization begins. The students have several specialized courses and additional practical and research work in the subject they have chosen as their future speciality. Lectures are given to large groups of students (from 20 to 200). Seminars and tutorials are much smaller than lecture classes. Besides attending lectures the students must choose a problem to work over according to their bents. All of them know that the field of mathematics and all that connected with it is the science of glorious past and great future. They do their best to acquire as much knowledge as possible. Usually after completing five years of study students receive a university degree. They write a diploma paper for a university degree. Very often graduates of the Institute write dissertations for an advanced degree. And after three years of post-graduate work over the dissertation it is possible to obtain a candidate degree.

Graduates of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science are assigned to work at banks, schools, research institutes and other large private and state organizations as specialists of high level. The Institute reputation stays with its graduates – and their achievements in turn glorify it.

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