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Part V. Free time activities


  1. Work in pairs. Find out about your partner’s interests.

What sort/kind/type of books/films/music do you like?

Detective stories



History books









Pop music

Classical music

Folk music



I don’t like…

I love…

I hate…

  1. Make a list of as many sports and leisure activities as you can think of. Which verbs do they go with?




E.g. tennis



3. What sport does your partner take part in?

Do you play squash/go cycling/ do yoga?

Where do you play/go/do it?

4. Tell your partner what you like doing and what you don’t like doing in your free time.

5. You are entertaining a foreign student. Ask if he/she wants to

  1. Come to a party

  2. Play golf

  3. Come out for a drink

  4. Listen to music

  5. Visit a picture gallery

Can you think of any more activities?

Use the phrases giving in the table


Saying YES

Saying NO

Would you like to …?

Thank you. I’d like that.

That would be lovely.

I’d love to but…

I’m sorry, but…

Do you feel like… -ing?

How about … -ing?

That’s a good idea.

Yeah, great.

Well, actually…

I’m afraid…

  1. Are you doing anything special tonight?

  2. No, not really. I’m just going home.

  1. How about coming out for a drink?

  2. That’s a good idea.

6. Curiosity quiz. Answer the questions:

  1. The Beatles were one of the most popular groups in the 1960s. How many of the Beatles can you remember?

  2. What’s the name given to a type of play where most of the words are sung?

  3. Rudyard Kipling wrote a famous story about Mowgli and his animal friends. Can you remember what it was called?

  4. Jonatan Swift wrote a story about the adventures of a man named Gulliver. Do you know what his surname was?

  5. William Shakespeare lived from 1564 until 1616. How many of his plays can you name?

  6. Can you think of the names of any British composes or song writers?

  7. For which hobby do you need a light metre and possibly a dark room.

  8. Who uses an easel and a palette?

  9. Can you think of another name for a marionette?

  10. Who do you expect to keep collection of albums?


Translate into English.

ТОНИ: Мама, можно у меня соберутся друзья на вечеринку,

МАМА: Ну, не знаю. а сколько человек?

ТОНИ: Думаю, человек 20.

МАМА: Надеюсь, ты не собираешься приглашать этого Эдвардса?

ТОНИ: Ну ладно, мама. Можно?

МАМА: А ты помнишь, что произошло в прошлый раз?

ТОНИ: Я обещаю, что буду себя очень хорошо вести.

МАМА: Ну ладно, но ты должен потом все убрать. И осторожно с ковром.

ТОНИ: Хорошо, мама.

МАМА: И ты знаешь, что отец не любит, когда ты берешь его пластинки.

ТОНИ: Да, мама.

МАМА: И все должны уйти домой в десять. И не слишком шумите.

ТОНИ: Да, мама.

МАМА: И не…


  1. Now think back about what you have done in Part VI and give:

  1. description _________________________(use 2 words)

  2. feeling ________________________________________(use 3 words)

  3. colour ______________________(use 1 word)

  4. emotion positive  negative 

  1. Discuss in a round.

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