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Exiting SQL*Plus

To change the arraysize, click Custom and enter the number in the text box.

Click Custom to set your own value

Enter a custom numeric value in the text box

Example 3–2

The default for echo is off. To change the setting, click Custom and then click On. Since echo can only be on or off, the text box is not available.

Click Custom to set your own value

The text box is not available because echo can only be on or off

Exiting SQL*Plus

You enter EXIT or QUIT at the SQL*Plus prompt to exit SQL*Plus from the command line interface or from the graphical user interface (GUI).

You return to the Windows Command Prompt when you exit either the command line interface, or the GUI if you started it from the command line with SQLPLUSW.

The GUI closes and you return to Windows when you exit SQL*Plus from the GUI.

3-10 SQL*Plus Getting Started

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