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New Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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61 denied cheating

2 insisted on paying

3 pleaded with his mother not to tell

4 suggested going

5 recommend visiting

6 accused Kate of breaking

7 urged Tom to try harder

71 he hadn’t finished his homework

2 that he was late because the bus hadn’t arrived 3 what time the film starts

4 she didn’t want to go swimming because she hates it 5 that she hadn’t finished her homework but that she

would do it later

8Assessment guidelines

10 marks in total. 1 for each of the following:

appropriate style for essay

mentioning the differences between people

mentioning different ways people live

mentioning different parts of the country

mentioning whether differences are positive or negative

using appropriate adjectives and adverbs

giving an opinion in the conclusion

grammar mostly correct

spelling mostly correct

legible handwriting


Assessment guidelines

Suggested rating: 1–5. Each student is awarded the following profile description according to his / her presentation.

Good: 4–5

presents views effectively, expresses approval and disapproval confidently, and justifies opinions convincingly. Use of grammatical structures and vocabulary is mostly accurate and appropriate. Good communication sustained throughout.

Adequate: 3

presents views satisfactorily, expresses approval and disapproval, and justifies opinions. Some errors in the use of grammatical structures and vocabulary occur. Communication sustained for most of the task.

Inadequate: 1–2

has difficulty presenting views, expressing approval and disapproval, and justifying opinions. Use of grammatical structures and vocabulary is frequently inaccurate or inappropriate. Frequent breakdowns in communication occur.

Progress test 2

1 1 a 2 c 3 b 4 d 5 c

2 1 a 2 c 3 a 4 b 5 d 6 b




coming up with 2 carries out

3 taken it in



give away

5 have looked through



to 2 of

3 with 4 to 5 in

6 of 7 for 8 by



Answer key

5 1 was

had been


to repair




should have / ought to have


to take

of taking


’s left





61 my friend hadn’t come round, I would have finished my homework.

2is being done about the problem of pollution in our cities.

3can only be reached by going down this narrow path.

4I hadn’t spent last summer in Valencia, my Spanish wouldn’t have improved so much.

5what time Jack is coming?

6why she hadn’t finished her meal.

7she wasn’t going to do any more work because she was too tired.

7 1

couldn’t have come


has been happening


had finished


needn’t have gone


I’ll have qualified



8 Tapescript

some patches of fog around chiefly in the Midlands, and West England with a particularly thick chunk in the

area just now, that’s around the fringes of southern and into Cheshire, with some possible disruption to

take a few hours to clear …

it’s dry just about everywhere, the Highlands and Islands though, and any sightings of the sun here are best bonus. It will be quite blustery and in Southern Scotland gusts of strong wind; temperatures for Scotland around 8

England and Wales, temperatures are still at or near could be ice underfoot, those fog patches I mentioned in an hour or two, then really a very nice day with blue

sunshine with maybe just a slight breeze, and chilly start, temperatures of 8 to 10 which is really pretty

of February …

to be another fine night but the temperature will drop after dark. Temperatures in the coldest spots could get as 5 by the end of the night. One exception is the north and

where it will stay cloudy and rather windy with some as well …

of heavy rain we still have 78 flood warnings with one

. After a widespread frost it’ll be milder today but chilly. Temperatures will drop tonight and tomorrow

patchy rain and one or two heavier showers …

3 D 2 E 3 F 1 G 3

New Matrix Upper-Intermediate 31



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The authors and publisher are very grateful to the many teachers and students who provided invaluable comment and feedback in the production of the New Matrix series. With special thanks to Barbara Czarnecka-Cicha, Warszawa.

The publishers would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce photographs and other copyright material: Alamy Images pp 3 (student at home / Janine Wiedel Photo Library), 5 (safari / Craig Lovell / Eagle Visions Photography), 15 (pyramids / ImageState); Corbis pp 3 (air stewardess), 5 (Turkish beach / Torleif Svensson), 15 (Bigfoot / Bettmann), 15 (ghost / Bettmann); Punchstock p 3 (people queuing at night club / Digital Vision).

The authors and publisher are grateful to those who have given permission to reproduce the following extracts and adaptations of copyright material: p 2 ‘Images and Animals’ from http://ww.fwbo.org/articles/images&animals.html. Reproduced by permission of FWBO. p 6 ‘For Sale' by John Agliomby,

The Guardian, 29 October 2002. Reproduced by permission of John Agliomby. p 8 ‘Hungry for Words’ by Laura Barton © The Guardian,

26 February 2001. Reproduced by permission of The Guardian. p 10 ‘'Must Try Harder' by Dr Terri Apter, The Guardian, 26 November 2003. Reproduced by permission of Dr Terri Apter. p 11 ‘Ruben Gonzalez’ by Robin Denselow, The Guardian, 10 December 2003 © Robin Denselow. Reproduced by permission of The Guardian. p 16 ‘Never too old to learn’ by John Vidal © The Guardian, 21 February 2002. Reproduced by permission of The Guardian. p 18 Copyright ‘Floating city ahead’ article and extract, Simon Jones, www.futurefacing.com p 20 ‘Wolf children and the bifold mind’ by John McCrone from www.btinternet.com. Reproduced by permission of John McCrone. p 24 ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ by Gordon Thomson © The Observer, 14 March 2004.

Although every effort has been made to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, this has not been possible in some cases.

We apologise for any apparent infringement of copyright and if notified, the publisher will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest opportunity.




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