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“The O’Reilly factor”


This is a hard-hitting and no-holds-barred broadside from the anchorman of the Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly factor” – what is good about America (plenty), what is bad (plenty still), and what is completely ridiculous (most everything else).

Every night on the Fox News Channel Bill O’Reilly tells it like it is. “The O’Reilly Factor” is the fastest-growing cable news program – and that is because O’Reilly leaves no stone unturned in his quest to reveal the truth about the state of America. It doesn’t matter if you are a Hollywood movie star, or a Washington insider – when you come up against O’Reilly, you’d better get your story straight.

This is O’Reilly’s take on the country, politicians, celebrities, class system, money. In fact, O’Reilly got an opinion on just about everything, and he is holding nothing back.

O’Reilly on class: A mind is a terrible thing to waste if you are held back by race, or gender. It is just as great a waste when you are held back by class.”

O’Reilly on money: “The true heroes of America are not the new Internet billionaires or the overpaid sports stars. The true heroes are the men, women, and teenagers who go to work for a modest wage, fulfill their responsibilities, and are kind and generous to others.”

O’Reilly on Al Sharpton and David Duke: “These two are the most ridiculous racial demagogues in the entire USA. If God has a sense of humor, they will be sharing a sauna in the netherworld. With one thermostat.”

Mixing fascinating stories from his life both on- and off-screen with his explosive views on what is up with America, and how we can fix it, “The O’Reilly factor will ruffle your feathers, make you laugh, and make you think.

Bill O’Reilly rose from humble beginnings to become a nationally known broadcast journalist. In his twenty-five years of reporting the two time Emmy winner has worked for CBS News, ABC News, Inside Edition, and currently the Fox News Channel, where his top-rated cable news program, “The O’Reilly Factor”, is seen worldwide.

O’Reilly graduated from Marist College and holds advanced degrees from Boston University and Harvard.


The Money Factor

  1. Comprehension Check

1. What might make O’Reilly vote Hillary Clinton senator for life?

2.Where is the money of this hardworking country with its booming economy and skyrocketing stock market?

3.What bedrock truth have the rich and powerful forgotten?

4. What is the most efficient way to get money from the citizens?

5. Why are more and more teenagers dropping out of school?

6. Does such an early start offer much upward mobility in the long run?

  1. 7. What good example did O’Reilly’s father set?

8.What is a possible wild card on the money question?

  1. Discriminate between true and false statements. Justify your answers by relevant information from the section?

1. There is no big problem in having too little money because genuine dignity can be found only in poverty.

2. People who own and control the press and other media socialize with worse-off and prolisten to their demands.

3. If we try to buy the affection of our children we doom them for frustrating life of spendthrifts

4. You should turn a blind eye to commercials thus setting an example for your children to ignore their distorting nature.

5. Supporting charities we introduce our children to life’s great pleasures.

  1. 6. Never think of financial compatibility when wedding bells are on the horizon.

  1. Fill the gaps

  1. Robert “Red “ Bone, a commodities trader was under investigation for allegedly---------- the market.

  2. The earnings gap between the rich and the poor is -----------.

  3. Without substantial ---------, you are at the mercy of the people who do not care about you.

  4. New York mob boss John Gotti has been put away for life in federal prison for---------- crimes too numerous to mention but he ----------- on fresh mozzarella to ----------- his palate.

  5. DNA told the opposite story about O.J.Simpson, ---------- and ----------, but ----------- “Dream Team” waltzed nimbly around that little nuisance.

  6. Nassau County has been literally bankrupted by the Republican- controlled cronyist government, which paid huge salaries to public workers and loaded the payroll with --------- jobs.

  7. Even the adults can be tricked ----------- by the clever shills of Madison Avenue.

  8. If our children become ---------- about ad technique, they may be less likely to be fooled by Madison Avenue.

  9. Are the elected officials looking out for the interests of the middle class, or are they kowtowing to the ---------- bankers and insurance companies when they ---------- ordinances or make ------------- decisions?

  1. Discussion Points

1. Why are the powers not interested in making their compatriots richer?

2. What are the two systems of justice?

3. What is the good of certain reporters’ overstepping the rules of common decency and fair play?

4. What is the efficiency of tax spending?

5. Why have the children and teenagers become the target population group for ad-makers?

6. Can money really” buy you personal freedom”? What is your idea of personal freedom?

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