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Vocabulary exercises

I. Find equivalents:

1. coal-mining a. змiшана економiка

2. GNP б. авiаракетна промисловiсть

3. hand in hand в. приватне пiдприємство

4. industrial nation г. енергетична промисловiсть

5. private enterprise д. суднобудування

6. power industry е. промислова держава

7. public transport є. плiч-о-плiч

8. workforce ж.чорна металургія

9. shipbuilding з. громадський транспорт

10. mixed economy и. ВНП (валовий нацiональний продукт)

11. cotton industry і. робоча сила

12. aeromissile industry ї. бавовництво

13. ferrous metallurgy й. вугледобувна промисловiсть

II. Give the corresponding nouns to the following verbs:

a) to control, to transport, to service, to share, to work, to force, to rise, to head, to power, to base, to state, to centre, to demand, to mix;

b) to assossiate, to govern, to produce, to manufacture, to predominate, to account, to equip, to employ, to develop, to nationalize, to know.

III. Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs if necessary:

1. British economy was primarily based ... private enterprises. 2. Some ... industries were nationalized ... World War II. 3. Part ... public transport, power industry and most ... civil aviation are managed ... the state. 4. The rise ... Britain as an industrial nation was partly due ... the presence ... considerable mineral resources. 5. Manufacturing plays a vital role ... British economy. 6. The new industries have developed hand ... hand ... science and technology.

IV. Fill in the blanks below with the most appropriate terms

from the list:

GNP; woolen industry; manufacturing; agriculture; private enterprises; industrial power; public-enterprise economy.

1. Great Britain is a highly-developed naval and __________ . 2. British economy was primarily based on _______ . 3. Great Britain has a mixed private and ________ . 4. The main sectors of British economy are _______ , services and ________ . 5. The share of industry in _______ is 11 times more than that of agriculture. 6. The main centres of cotton and ________ are Leeds, Bradford and Manchester.

V. Ask someone

if Great Britain is a highly developed naval and industrial power; its economy was primarily based on private enterprises; now Great Britan has a mixed private- and public-enterprise economy; in the course of the last hundred years many of Britain’s most valuable and accessible deposits have been worked out;

when some industries were nationalized;

what industries the government controls; the main sectors of British economy are; the share of industry in GNP is; role manufacturing plays in British economy; the rise of Britain as an industrial country was due to; the chief minerals found on the British Isles are; the older branches of industry are; the new industries are; cities and towns have enterprises of nearly all branches of industry; the main centres of cotton and woolen industry are.

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