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Chapter 3

Changes to the

Firebird API and ODS

API (Application Programming Interface)

Some needed changes have been performed in the Firebird API. They include.-

Cleanup of ibase.h

D. Yemanov, A. Peshkov

The API header file, ibase.h has been subjected to a cleanup. with the result that public headers no longer contain private declarations.

Lock Timeout for WAIT Transactions

A. Karyakin, D. Yemanov

The new feature extends the WAIT mode by making provision to set a finite time interval to wait for the concurrent transactions. If the timeout has passed, an error (isc_lock_timeout) is reported.

Timeout intervals can now be specified per transaction, using the new TPB constant isc_tpb_lock_timeout in the API.


The DSQL equivalent is implemented via the LOCK TIMEOUT <value> clause of the SET TRANSACTION statement.

isc_dsql_sql_info() Now Includes Relation Aliases

D. Yemanov

The function call isc_dsql_sql_info() has been extended to enable relation aliases to be retrieved, if required.

Enhancement to isc_blob_lookup_desc()

A. dos Santos Fernandes

isc_blob_lookup_desc() now also describes blobs that are outputs of stored procedures


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