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Think about:

  • The title of every passage.

  • What is mobile for you?

  • What do you prefer: to go and see your friends, or just to ring them up? Why?

  • Some other advantages or disadvantages of mobiles.


1. Kate ________ in London.

a) to live b) live c) lives

2. She ________English.

a) are b) am c) is

3. She ________English.

a) speak b) speaks c) are speaking

4. She ________English now.

a) are speaking b) is speaking c) speaks

5. Do you ________Russian?

a) speaks b) speak c) is speaking

6. You ________ to speak English now.

a) learning b) are learning c) is learning

7. Water ________ at 100 degrees celcius

a) boil b)boils c) is boiling

8. I ________ s in Moscow with my friend (only for a couple of weeks).

a) am living b) live c) lives

9. The water ________. Can you turn it of?

a) boil b)boils c) is boiling

10. I ________English now.

a) am speaking b) speak c) is speaking

11. My parents ___ in a detached house.

a) lives b) live c) is living

12. The Sun ___ in the East.

a) rise b) rises c) are rising

13 A red traffic lights ___ “Stop”.

a) means b) mean c) to mean

14. He ___ to any parties.

a) not to belong b) don’t belong c) doesn’t belong

15. Do you ___ where the post office is?

a) know b) knowing c) knows

16. My mother ___ lots of money on clothes.

a) don’t spend b) spends c) spend

17. Martin never ___ me text messages.

a) sends b) doesn’t send c) send

18. I ___ too much coffee.

a) drinking b) drinks c) drink

19. The bank always ___ on time.

a) opens B b) is open c) open

20. I ___ I’ll show you the city.

a) am promise b) promise c) promises

21. All the companies ___ their goods on TV.

a) advertises b) advertise c) are advertised

22. Where ___ your books?

a) does you keep b) you keep c) do you keep

23. They ___ volleyball on weekends.

a) don’t play b) aren’t play c) doesn’t play

24. My grandparents ___ going to the theatre.

a) loves b) loving c) love

25. ___ her dog every morning?

a) Is Mary walk b) Does Mary walk c) Do Mary walk

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