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V. Past Simple and Past Perfect. Circle the correct word or phrase in this letter.

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for your letter. I (1) just left / had just left for work when I saw the postman and he (2) gave / had given it to me. It was really funny! I (3) read / had read it on my way to work and it (4) made / had made me laugh. I almost (5) missed / had missed my metro station!

Anyway, I should say I’m a bit disappointed because I (6) had / had had my first day at Johnson, Fabian and Brugger. If you don’t remember, they are a small law firm specializing in Natural Resources, Property and Real Estate Law. As I (7) wrote / had written to you last time, they (8) dealt / had dealt with different natural resource matters, including endangered animals, grazing, irrigation, mining claims and all that staff. Actually, that’s not quite what I (9) expected / had expected when I (10) sent / had sent them my CV!

Besides, I (11) was / had been late for work because when I (12) got / had got there, I suddenly realized that I (13) left / had left my pass at home! So I (14) went / had gone all the way home and when I (15) got / had got back, the working day (16) already began / had already begun! Of course I (17) was reprimanded / had been reprimanded. So you can understand how I feel about it!

What about you and your judo? The last time I (18) spoke / had spoken to you, you (19) talked / had talked about giving it up. What (20) did you decide / had you decided?

I think that’s all for now. Ann and I are going shopping shortly, so I’d better post this. Speak to you soon.



VI. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verbs from the box (Past Simple or Perfect).

die discover have arrest arrive buy make sell send think try be

When, in 1926, a US court (1) sent a man called Arthur Ferguson to prison for five years, it (2) ____________ the end of an amazing criminal career. The police (3) _____________ him several months earlier as he (4) _______________ to sell the Statue of Liberty to an Australian tourist. After the arrest, the police soon (5) ___________ that Ferguson (6) ______________ money by selling famous buildings several times before.

Ferguson (7) ______________ in the United States from Scotland the previous year. Soon after his arrival, he sold a luxurious house in Washington to a rich Texas farmer. But for the farmer, this wasn’t an ordinary house: he (8) ____________ that he (9) _________________ the White House – the home of US Presidents for 150 years!

Before coming to America, Ferguson (10) ______________ Buckingham Palace, home of the English royal family, for £2,000, Big Ben for £1,000 and Nelson’s Column for £6,000 – all to rich Americans who perhaps (11) ____________ more money than intelligence. Ferguson (12) ______________ in 1938.

VII. Past Perfect Passive. Say that something had already been done.

Example: He advised me to draft an agreement but… - He advised me to draft an agreement but it had already been drafted by the other party.

  1. The Chief Constable told the officer to interview the witnesses, but they …..

  2. The Director recommended the company lawyer to examine the draft of the contract but it …..

  3. I thought it was necessary to file a counterclaim but …..

  4. He hoped that they wouldn’t bring charges against him but the charges …..

  5. The victim couldn’t describe the attacker, but there were a lot of witnesses, so a photo fit picture …..

  6. The consultant advised to search the scene of the crime carefully, but the sheriff said that it ……. for the second time and nothing more …..

  7. The barrister ordered his assistant to submit some case briefs to the court, but the assistant said they …..

  8. The Interpol officer suggested the police should take the offender’s fingerprints, but they ………. long before.

  9. The European Commission was going to adopt the law against monopolies, but in the USA such a law .....

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