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1. Every time I have a spare minute, I go to the Internet cafe in Sovetskaya Square.

2. The interior design of this Internet cafe differs from that of a real - world one.

3. In the middle of the room there are special ring-shaped tables with networked computers on them.

4. Each work place is enclosed in glass plastic.

5. There is also a bar and cozy tables occupying part of the Internet room.

6. After leaving the Internet space you can chat with your friends over a cup of coffee or have a snack.

7. Students can work in the Internet cafe free for one hour.

8. If you have problems working in the Internet cafe you may go to the systems administrator.

9. In the Internet Cafe most of the visitors are young people.

10. There are also middle-aged people who come to get access to archives, news blocks and thematic material.

11. Internet Gate is co-owned by several firms - Sovam Teleport and Mobil Telecom.

12. The cafe has 12 workstations .

13. Each computer has its own plug-in channel.

14. The systems administrator helps those who have problems working in Internet and prints out materials the cafe's client is interested in.

15. The cafe is opened from 10 am. until 8 pm

16. Entry is free.