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22. Think of the possible answers concerning:

  1. Yourself

  2. Your family

  3. Your education

  4. Your friends

  5. Your hobbies

  6. Your previous job

  7. Your interests and talents

  8. Business you plan to have

  9. Your strong points

  10. Your weak points

  11. Adaptability

  12. Your failures and experience of overcoming them

23. Think of the possible questions concerning:

  1. your future job

  2. your staff members

  3. your salary

  4. your promotion

  5. your duties

  6. possible difficulties (problems)

24. Which qualities would you need? Why?

a taxi-driver, a firefighter, a door-to-door salesperson, a tour guide, an executive, an interpreter

Here are some characteristics to help you:

Physically strong, persistent, hardworking, punctual, intelligent, patient, emotionally strong, caring, calm, honest, decisive, persuasive, courageous, cheerful, alert, quick-thinking

25. A) Complete the sentences.

  1. A nurse works in__________________________________

  2. A flight attendant works in__________________________

  3. A stockbroker works in_____________________________

  4. A medical researcher works in_______________________

  5. A grocer works in_________________________________

  6. A piano teacher works in____________________________

  7. An estate agent works in____________________________

b) Answer the questions.

Which of these jobs: are done indoors/outdoors?

require qualifications?

are well-paid/fully-paid?

need the most trainings?

is the hardest?

have flexible hours?

have career prospects?

Which of these jobs do you personally find: rewarding?





26. Here are some questions from an interview for the job of store detective in a new supermarket. Put them in the order you would ask them if you were the interviewer. Then add two questions of your own.

  1. What do you like doing your spare time?

  2. Why have you applied for this job?

  3. What things about this job do you think you would find difficult?

  4. Why do you think you are suited for this job?

  5. What would you do if you saw someone stealing something in the store?

  6. What would you like to be doing in five years’ time?

27. Read and translate Who should we hire?

A: Do you think we should hire Miss Jackson? She’s capable and honest.

B: I know. Miss Jackson is very honest, but how about Miss Wilson? I think she’s more interesting than Miss Jackson, and she’s much smarter.

A: I agree. Miss Wilson is very intelligent, but my opinion she isn’t as smart as Mr. Brown. May be we should give Mr. Brown the job.

B: No. I don’t think so. Mr. Brown’s livelier than Miss Jackson, but he isn’t as capable as Miss Wilson. You know, I think we should hire Mr. Smith. He’s more talented than Miss Jackson, he’s more polite than Mr. Brown and he’s friendlier than Miss Wilson.

A: Do you think he’s as intelligent as Mr. Brown?

B: I think so. And he isn’t as talkative.

A: You’re right. We’ll hire him.

28. Think of the possible answers.

  1. Who is the most capable?

  2. Who is the most liveliest?

  3. Is Mr. Smith as friendly as miss Wilson?

  4. Why shouldn’t they hire Miss Jackson?

  5. Whom would you hire ? Why?

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