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Answer the questions. Then talk about your answers.

  1. What are the main job responsibilities of the travel agent?

  1. What information about a tour is the travel agent supposed to provide?

  1. What questions about a tour do customers usually ask?

I. Listening and reading

Listen to the text

Read and translate it

A new customer

Travel agent: ... what have we got that might interest you... Hmm, let's see... there are a couple of things that I can think of straight away. Of course, a lot depends on what you're interested in doing in Australia. Did you have anything in mind?

Karl: I'd like to see Ayers Rock.

Anita: I want to go to the Great Barrier Reef.

Travel agent: Ah. They are quite a long way apart.

Karl: Yes, we saw that – we were looking at the map. It’s big!

Travel agent: Not to worry. Melbourne is a good base, and if I can just show you this. This company specializes in independent tours and they have two in Australia that you should think about, in my opinion. One’s called All Australia. That's nineteen days. It goes along the coast to Adelaide then by train to Ayers Rock. Then you fly to Darwin in the north, and then to Cairns. That means you both get to see what you want.

Anita: Is everything included?

Travel agent: Everything. The flights, the train, the coaches when you go anywhere by road.

Karl: And the hotels? And all the meals?

Travel agent: The hotels... and you can take the full-board option with all the meals. But if I were you, I’d take half-board. Full-board is too much food for most people, and with half-board you have the fun of choosing where to have lunch each day.

Anita: That’s a good idea!

Karl: Nineteen days did you say?

Travel agent: That’s right.

Karl: Hmm. It’s a bit long, perhaps. It doesn't leave much time in Melbourne.

Anita: No.

Travel agent: Well then, why don't you think about the Australia’s Best tour? That’s only thirteen days. Here we are. It's like the last one but you go direct from Melbourne to Alice Springs.

Anita: That’s where you go to Ayers Rock.

Travel agent: That's right.

Karl: And it goes to the Great Barrier Reef?

Travel agent: And Sydney. And as I said, it’s only thirteen days so you’ll have more time in Melbourne.

Karl: This is harder than I thought.

Anita: Yes, it's complicated.

Travel agent: Look, why don’t you leave your contact details with me and I’ll have a look on the Internet and in our brochures, and see if I can find anything else for you. Then if you can come in some time next week...

Karl: OK.

Travel agent: Could you give me your name so I can set up a file for you?

Anita: Chodkiewicz. Anita Chodkiewicz.

Travel agent: Could I ask you to spell that?

Anita: Yes,it's C-H-0-D-...

NOTES Read the following proper names

Australia [ɔs'treɪlɪə], Ayers Rock ['ɛːz 'rɔk], Great Barrier Reef [greɪt 'bærɪə 'riːf], Melbourne ['melbən], Adelaide ['ædəleɪd], Darwin ['dɑːwɪn], Cairns [kɛəns], Alice Springs ['alis sprɪŋz], Sydney ['sɪdnɪ]


  1. to let [let]

Let's see (=let us see)

позволять, давать возможность

Давай(те) посмотрим.

  1. straight away [streɪt ə'weɪ]

We should leave straight away.

немедленно, сразу

Мы должны yехать немедленно.

  1. to depend [dɪ'pend] on

A lot depends on the weather.

It (all) depends.

  1. independent

зависеть от чего-то

Многое зависит от погоды.

Все зависит от обстоятельств.


  1. to have in mind [hæv ɪn maɪnd]

думать о чем-то конкретном, иметь на примете

  1. apart [ə'pɑːt]

  2. to be far apart

She and her parents live far apart.

врозь, отдельно друг от друга

быть далеко друг от друга

Она живет далеко от родителей.

  1. to specialize ['speʃəlaɪz] in

A lot of Portuguese restaurants specialize in seafood.

специализироваться на/в чем-то,

Многие португальские рестораны специализируются на морепродуктах.

  1. along

along the coast

The buildings of the hotel are located all along the coast.


вдоль побережья

Корпуса отеля расположены вдоль всего побережья.

  1. to include [ɪn'kluːd]

  2. The price includes bed and breakfast.

включать в себя

Цена включает в себя ночлег и завтрак.

  1. a full board option ['ful'bɔːd 'ɔpʃən]

полный пансион (условие проживания, включающие в себя ночлег, завтрак, обед и ужин)

a half-board ['hɑːf'bɔːd] option

полупансион (ночлег, завтрак и ужин)

  1. meal

to have a meal

to have breakfast [hæv 'brekfəst]

to have lunch [hæv lʌnʧ]

Let's have lunch in our room.

to have dinner [hæv 'dɪnə]

прием пищи (обед, завтрак, ужин)




Давай пообедаем в номере.


  1. direct [dɪ'rekt]

Australian Airlines are flying direct to Innsbruck again.

direct flight

прямой, прямо

Самолеты авиакомпании «Австралийские авиалинии» снова летают напрямую в Инсбрук.

прямой рейс

  1. complicated ['kɔmplɪkeɪtɪd]

The situation in this country is very complicated.

запутанный, сложный

Ситуация в этой стране очень сложная.

  1. contact details ['kɔntækt 'diːteɪl]

You can find our contact details on our web site.

координаты, контактная информация (номер телефона, адрес, имя и т.п.)

Наши координаты вы можете найти на нашем сайте.

  1. have a look ['hæv ə 'luk] at

Have a look at the picture.

посмотреть, ознакомиться

Посмотрите на картинку.

  1. on the Internet [ɔn ðə 'intərˌnet]

I found this information on the Internet.

в интернете

Я нашел эту информацию в интернете.

  1. to set up a file [set ʌp ə faɪl]

Could you give me your full name, so that I could set up a file for you?

завести в базе карточку, файл на нового клиента

Назовите, пожалуйста, ваше полное имя, чтобы я вписала вас в клиентскую базу.

  1. to spell [spel]

  2. Could you spell your name, please.

произносить по буквам

Как пишется ваше имя?

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