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Novorossiysk commercial sea port General Trading Terms and Conditions

The General Trading Terms and Conditions of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (hereinafter the "Terms and Conditions") govern:

• Routine of NCSP activities;

• Terms and conditions for entering the port by vessels, procedures of loading, discharging and servicing of vessels staying in the port;

• Terms and conditions of receipt, storage, delivery and distribution of goods from the port area by rail, road and other modes of transport;

• Terms and conditions of passenger service;

• Relationship between NCSP and its customers.

The Terms and Conditions are based on:

• Civil Code of Russian Federation(article 5)

• Charter of NCSP;

• International practice of sea port activities.

1. Definitions.

In these Terms and Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the meaning:

cargo means any cargo including also package, means to enlarge cargo units, containers and other means specially manufactured for transportation, protection and supporting of cargo.

forwarding agent means an authorized representative of a cargo owner. customer means any person or legal body who:

. visits the port area;

. is an owner or a forwarding agent of cargoes being delivered into the port;

. is an owner, captain, crew member or a passenger on a vessel, calling at the


. uses or intends to use machinery, equipment or enjoy services rendered by


NCSP means Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (Joint Stock Company).

Vessel means self-propelled vessel, barge or lighter of any class or kind. port area - is the area for business activities that is designated to NCSP accord­ing to the Resolution of Head of Administration of Novorossiysk No. 871 dated 25.04.95.

"weather working day"- means a day on which weather permits to carry out par­ticular cargo-handling operations safely, in accordance with current "Safety regu­lations in seaports", "Regulations of operation of cargo-handling equipment" with­out the threat to damage cargo, vessel, port premises and equipment.

2. Routine of ncsp business activities

2.1. The port is open for navigation all year round.

2.2. The normal working hours in the port are from 08.00 hours till 16.00 hours except Sundays and holidays.

NCSP carries out operations and provides services 24 hours a day on contractual terms.

Holidays are January 1,2 and 7, March 8, May 1,2 and 9, June 12, November 7,

December 12.

2.3. Cargo operations are carried out on weather working days.

2.4. The acceptance of vessels into the port for cargo handling, staying and other operations can be arranged only by preliminary NCSP consent, i.e., after receiving of acceptance confirmation from NCSP or on contractual basis.

The procedure of compulsory pilotage for a vessel entering/leaving the port and when shifting a vessel from berth-to-berth as well as the established time rates and pilotage dues are given in The Obligatory Harbor Regulation issued by Mari­time Administration of the Port of Novorossiysk (MAPN).

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