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Коррективный курс

Lesson Four

Ex. XII, p. 47

  1. Is she a doctor? – Yes, she is. She is a good doctor.

  2. She is se­venteen (years old, years of age), isn’t she? – Yes, she is.

  3. Your brother is fourteen, isn’t he? – Yes, he is.

  4. Is he fourteen or fifteen (years old)? – He is fourteen.

  5. This ball is small, isn’t it? – Yes, it is.

  6. Is the pencil small or big? – It is big.

  7. They are not busy, are they? – No, they are not.

  8. He is busy, isn’t he? – Yes, he is.

  9. He is out, isn’t he? – Yes, he is. He is out.

  10. He is in, isn’t he? – Yes, he is.

  11. It is a leather bag, isn’t it? – Yes, it is.

  12. Is it a difficult or an easy text? – It’s аn easy text (It’s аn easy one).

  13. The text is not difficult, is it? – No, it isn’t.

  14. It’s eleven (o’clock) now, isn’t it? – Yes, it is.

  15. Is it eleven or twelve (o’clock) now? – It’s ele­ven (o’clock) (now).

  16. It is not twelve yet, is it? – No, it isn’t.

  17. It is cold.

  18. Is it cold?

  19. It is cold, isn’t it?

  20. Is it cold or hot in the hall? – It’s cold.

  21. It isn’t hot in the hall, is it? – No, it isn’t.

  22. Take the map (the lamp, the pen, the notebook/ the exercise–book, the paper).

  23. Don’t take my ball (bag, pencil, my skates, my things).

  24. Don’t go home alone.

  25. It’s dark. Go home.

Lesson Five Ex. VIII, p. 60

  1. No, he isn’t. Doctor Sandford is out.

  2. Doctor Sandford is still in the hospital.

  3. No, she isn’t. Mrs. Sandford is out.

  4. Yes, she is. Mrs. Sandford is in the park with Benny.

  5. No, she isn’t. She isn’t in the garden.

  6. But yes, she is. Old Mrs. Sandford is not well.

  7. No, she isn’t. Old Mrs. Sandford is not in bed.

  8. Yes, she is. She is better today.

  9. Yes, he is. Mr. Sandford is at home after four on Saturday.

  10. He is at home after four on Saturday.

Ex. IX, p. 60


  1. Are they in the garden or in the park?

  2. Is your sister at the Institute or at the library?

  3. Is Doctor Sandford at the hospital or at home?

  4. Is his wife in the park or in the yard?

  5. Is the exercise easy or difficult?

  6. Is Betty nineteen or twenty?

  7. Is the hall big or small?

  8. Are you free on Saturday or on Sunday?

  9. Are these lessons difficult or easy?

  10. Is this sentence long or short?


  1. They are in the garden, aren’t they?

  2. Your sister is at the Institute, isn’t she?

  3. Doctor Sandford is at the hospital, isn’t he?

  4. His wife is in the park, isn’t she?

  5. The exercise is easy, isn’t it?

  6. Betty is nineteen, isn’t she?

  7. The hall is big, isn’t it?

  8. You are free on Saturday, aren’t you?

  9. These lessons are difficult, aren’t they?

  10. This sentence is long, isn’t it?

Ex. X, p. 60

  1. These are boxes.

  2. These are spoons.

  3. Those are forks.

  4. These are parks.

  5. Those are gardens.

  6. These are desks.

  7. Those are doors.

  8. These are my birds.

  9. Those are his dogs.

  10. Those are her daughters.

Ex. XI, p. 61

short – shorter – the shortest

tall – taller – the tallest

large – larger – the largest

nice – nicer – the nicest

long – longer – the longest

big – bigger – the biggest

red – redder – the reddest

high – higher – the highest

dirty – dirtier – the dirtiest

fast – faster – the fastest

easy – easier – the easiest

good – better – the best

bad – worse – the worst

few – fewer – the fewest

busy – busier – the busiest

near – nearer – the nearest

far – farther – the farthest

old – older – the oldest

late – later – the latest

thin – thinner – the thinnest

thick – thicker – the thickest

comfortable – more comfortable – the most comfortable

interesting – more interesting – the most interesting

difficult – more difficult – the most difficult

narrow – narrower – the narrowest

Ex. XII, p. 61

  1. She is not so young as you are.

  2. He is not so clever as his father is.

  3. I am not so tired as you are.

  4. My mother is not so old as yours.

  5. This book is not so interesting as that one.

  6. These dictations are not so bad as those ones.

  7. My father is not so tall as yours.

  8. His daughter is not so beautiful as his wife.

  9. My room is not so light as yours.

  10. This new house is not so big as the old one.

  11. This boy is not so clever as that one.

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