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Http://www.Storiestogrowby.Com/script_body.Html "The Girl-Fish" Whootie Owl's Free Play Script Written by an 8th Grade Student: Grant

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And Now! Whootie Owl's Free Play Script "The Girl-Fish" by Grant CHARACTERS, in Order of Appearance: Narrator Cassandra Joanne (Cassandra's friend) Phil (Cassandra's friend) Beautiful Fish Mom Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3 Fish-Queen Giant King Prince ACT I - The Riverbank near the sea where Cassandra lives. ACT II -- Oceanic, below the waves ACT III -- In a palace underwater, with the FISH and FISH-QUEEN ACT IV - The Giant's bedroom ACT V - A palace above water

Act I [The Riverbank]

NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a magical place far from here, there lived a girl. This girl was named Cassandra. Cassandra's parents had never made her do any work, and so she was very lazy. But it so happened that one day her mother was so tired, that even Cassandra could not fail to notice it. Cassandra felt very sorry for her mother and offered to work so that her mother could rest for awhile. Her mother told her it would be very helpful if she would take the fishing-net to the riverbank and mend it. This is where our story begins. [CASSANDRA enters carrying a net] CASSANDRA: Oh, I shall do a good job on this net. [Enter CASSANDRA's friend, JOANNE] CASSANDRA: Joanne, hi! JOANNE: Hello! What are you doing? CASSANDRA: I'm mending a fishing net for my father to fish tonight. JOANNE: Well, good luck! I've got to go get some bread from the bakers. [Enter PHIL, CASSANDRA's friend] CASSANDRA: Hi Phil! Joanne just past by. PHIL: Hi Cassandra! How're you doing? Well, talk to you later, I must be going, I've got an errand to run to the miller's. CASSANDRA: See you, Phil! (To herself) All my friends are passing by, this isn't so bad after all! (CASSANDRA bundles up the net in her arms while speaking) Well, anyway, I'm glad it's finished. (Noticing a BEAUTIFUL FISH in the water) Oh my! What a fish, I shall catch it for mother! (She catches the fish in the net) BEAUTIFUL FISH: You'd better put me back at once, miss, or else you'll turn into a fish yourself if you eat me! CASSANDRA: Ha! Yea, Right! [CASSANDRA gives the fish to her mother, who moves to the side of the stage.] CASSANDRA: Well, Mom, I'm going to talk with Joanne. [She moves to the opposite side of the stage] MOM: (calling) Okay, come back when you hear the bell! CASSANDRA: Hey, Joanne, guess what! JOANNE: (coming in from offstage) What? CASSANDRA: I caught a big fish today! JOANNE: Cool, can I see it? CASSANDRA: Sure, but my Mom has it. [On the other side of the stage, MOM rings a bell] Oh, it's dinner time! Talk to you later! [JOANNE exits offstage, and CASSANDRA crosses stage to where MOM is] CASSANDRA: Hi, Mom, you cooked the fish? MOM: Yes I did, and I cooked it with a special sauce. CASSANDRA: Sounds good to me! [When CASSANDRA eats she turns her head from the audience and shivers while slipping on a fish mask] CASSANDRA: (turning back to the audience) Oh, what happened? I need water, water!! MOM: Cassandra, what's happened to you? CASSANDRA: I don't know, but I think I have to live in the ocean now. I'll see you later! [CASSANDRA jumps into the river]

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