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He (12)________ this since he was a boy. He also has a glass of whisky every night! Perhaps that is his secret!

4. Translate into Russian.

Some people have good memories, and can easily learn quite long poems by heart. But they often forget them almost as quickly as they learn them. There are other people who can only remember things when they have said them over and over, but when they do know them they don't forget them. Charles Dickens, the famous English author, said that he could walk down any long street in London and then tell you the name of every shop he had passed. Many of the great men of the world have had wonderful memories. A good memory is a great help in learning a language. Everybody learns his own language by remembering what he hears when he is a small child, and some children who live abroad with their parents seem to learn two languages almost as easily as one. In school it is not so easy to learn a second language, because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects as well. The best way for most of us to remember things is to join them in our mind with something which we know already, or which we easily remember because we have a picture of it in our mind. That is why it is better to learn words in sentences, not by themselves; or to see, or do, or feel what a word means when we first use it.

5. Put the verbs in the brackets into Future Perfect, where it is necessary.

1.Her sister ( finish) packing the luggage by 10 o’clock.

2. They ( build) the new hotel by September.

3.Most libraries (have) a professionally educated staff by the end of the year whose first duty is to help you.

4.Librarians also (select and purchase) books and other materials, (organize) materials so that you can easily use them by February.

5.Every people (have) Internet at home by the end of 2005.

6.An even greater environmental threat (be) nuclear power stations by tomorrow.

Контрольная работа

Вариант 8.

1. Образуйте прилагательные от следующих наречий:

quickly, suddenly, brightly, cheaply, loudly, slowly, bad, hardly, carefully

2. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. Look at the river. It (flow) very fast today.

2. Don't put the dictionary away. I (use) it.

3. Who is that man? What (he/want)?

4. Who is that man? Why at us? (he/look)

4. I (think)of selling my car. Would you be interested in buying it?

6. I (think) you should sell your car. You (not/use) it very often.

3. Look at the group of words below. Cross out the noun or noun phrase which doesn’t go with the verb in each group.

1. make a fortune 2. do research 3. get progress

progress a mistake a promotion

a living a job the sack

a training course your best a nine-to-five job

4. take a pension 5. work flextime 6. earn a bonus

time off anti-social hours a part-time job

a break overtime money

early retirement an official job 40 thousand

4. Complete the sentence with the appropriate form of a word partnership from exercise 3.

1. Goran is 59, but he doesn’t want to…………. . In fact, he is taking on more work!

2. When you …………………., you can arrange your own schedule, so this is very convenient when you have children.

3. Luke is quite ambitious and doesn’t want to be a sales assistant all his life. In fact, he hopes to…………. very soon

4. Most university lecturers have to…….in their specialist area.

5. Вставьте some, any, no.

1. Here are…… some books by English writers. 2. Take….. book you like. 3. There are …. boys in the garden because they are at school. 4. Are there….. desks in the classroom? – Yes. there are…. 5. Please, bring me apples, Mary.

6. Translate into Russian.

The big clock on the tower of the Palace of Westminster in London is often called Big Ben. But Big Ben is really the bell of the clock. It is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13.5 tons. The clock tower is 318 feet high. You have to go up 374 steps to reach the top. So the clock looks small from the pavement below the tower. But its face is 23 feet wide. It would only just fit into some classrooms. The minute-hand is 14 feet long. Its weight is equal to that of two bags of coal. The hour-hand is 9 feet long. The clock bell is called Big Ben after Sir Benjamin Hall. He had the job to see that the bell was put up. Sir Benjamin was a big man. One day he said in Parliament, "Shall we call the bell St. Stephen's?" St. Stephen's is the name of the tower. But someone said for a joke, "Why not call it Big Ben?" Now the bell is known all over the world by that name.

Контрольная работа

Вариант 9.

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