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Oscar Wilde is an English writer and poet, one of the key figures of European modernism. Originally he was popular for his comedy plays. Critics noted his wit and style, but Wilde was remembered even more by the public because of his image of an idle dandy. His image is art. The peak of his career comes in a novel "portrait of dorian gray". His style is clearly visible in this work. He described the interior and clothing a lot. And it is not surprising because he was an esthete.

George Wells is a famous English writer. His work “war of the worlds” is the best known of his books. He was well versed in history and philosophy. Wrote about restructuring in society, making social and political predictions.Wales was a fantasy writer and in his works he first described such phenomena as parallel worlds, invisibility.But the author rather wants to draw the reader’s attention to important social and social issues.

Sir Pelham Wodehouse was an English author and one of the most widely read humorists of the 20th century. Wodehouse believed that one of the factors that made his stories humorous was his view of life. Many critics scolded woodhouse for fabulous storie he has very verified and correct texts because he could write one book for several years. at first he did a bunch of drafts and then only wrote the first version of the story. He loved theater and wrote a lot for musicals and plays.

Katherine Mansfield - New Zealand writer novelist. master of the short story, who evolved a distinctive prose style with many overtones of poetry. Her delicate stories, focused upon psychological conflicts. Perhaps her work was strongly influenced by the death of her brother during the war, but she was very talented because she started publishing at nine years old. She was one of the representatives of modernism in English literature.

Edgar Allan Poe - American writer, poet, literary critic and editor, representative of American Romanticism. The creator of the form of a modern detective and the genre of psychological prose. Some works of Edgar Poe contributed to the formation and development of science fiction. The main theme of Edgar's poetry was death. In his novels, he often experimented and even resorted to parodies.

Anthony Trollope - English writer, one of the most successful and talented novelists of the Victorian era. In the works of Trollop reflected the problems of his time - political, social and family. In his works he described the life of landowners and clerks of provincial England, their everyday life.

Somerset Maugham - British writer, one of the most successful prose writers, agent of British intelligence. It is surprising that he achieved such success in English literature because in childhood he spoke only French, and he began to learn English only in ten years, after the death of his parents. A great inspiration Maugham drew from his life as an agent of British intelligence and from his travels to the east.

Herbert Ernest Bates - was an English writer and author.
In his postwar novels and stories Bates reached the height of his powers.

William Saroyan - American Armenian writer. A productive prose writer, turned to a wide variety of genres and topics: from his historical homeland to pacifism. Saroyanse's works at one time influenced Ray Bradbury and Dovlatov. Saroyan's plays were drawn from deeply personal sources, and often disregarded the convention that conflict is essential to drama.

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