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5 Complete the text with one word in each gap.

Thank you everyone for your 0_comments__. There seem to be arguments for and 1__________ re-opening the Internet café. Peter suggested that students need it. Peter, I 2__________ you’re right but if we do 3__________ we may have the same problems we had before. For the university, that’s just not 4__________. I’m sure you 5__________ that. Sarah has suggested students should pay a membership fee to use the Internet café and this money could pay for any damages. This idea is definitely worth 6__________. To 7__________ up, let me suggest this to the university, and we can meet up again next week.

/ 7

6 Fill the gaps with nouns or prepositions to make word combinations or phrasal verbs.

Last weekend, businessmen from Amonko Corp were looking 0around__ the offices of MixMax Fruit Juice Company. It looks like they are planning to take 1_________ MixMax. This is a risky move. MixMax has failed to make a 2_________ every year since it began producing fruit juice. It is a surprise that they didn’t 3_________ bankrupt. One reason for their failure is that they couldn’t find a persuasive 4_________ that attracted customers. Secondly, they didn’t keep 5_________ with the trends in the fruit juice industry. So, what is Amonko up to? They have no experience 6_________ the fruit juice industry. They will have to spend vast 7_________ of money on development and will certainly have to 8_________ new products on the market and hope they catch 9_________. The prospects 10_________ success do not look good. In next week’s article we hope to find 11_________ the truth about Amonko’s plans.

/ 11

7 Correct the underlined mistakes in these sentences.

0 I don’t have seen him since your birthday. __haven’t seen____________

1 It mustn’t be Emilia. She’s in Brazil! ________________________

2 I promised David giving him the answers. ________________________

3 Books will return to the library on time by students. ________________________

4 I should be home by six but I was late. ________________________

5 No of the students knew the answer, only me. ________________________

6 Feel you happier about your job now? ________________________

7 That’s the man who car I bought. ________________________

8 I’m not as taller than you. You are taller. ________________________

9 They wanted to know what experience did I have. ________________________

10 The Cornish dialect, that was spoken by my grandmother, is now nearly extinct. ________________________

/ 10

8 Listen to the talk. Put the information in the order you hear it.

Track 5

a) What idea he wanted to prove. _____

b) When he won an Oscar. _____

c) The books he published. _____

d) What he will be remembered for. _____

e) The subject of the talk. _1___

f) Where he studied. _____

/ 5

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