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Fistulas (fistula) - abnormal connection between hollow organs (esophageal-tracheal, gastrointestinal, rectal, vaginal, rectal-mihurna etc.) between hollow organs and skin (biliary, intestinal, urinary) between pathological cavity and hollow organ or skin (pus, ligature fistulas, etc.). Voles are also different stoma (Tracheostomy, Gastrostomy, Colostomy, etc.). Voles can be artificial (iatrogenic) or develop as a result of pathological processes. There are also hubovydni fistulas - are lined with mucous such fistula itself is not closed. The main problems that arise in the presence of fistulas associated with indigestion and abnormal secretions. Palliative care for patients with fistulas includes the following highlights: permanent collection secretions, skin care and its protection, anti-odor, keeping calm conditions around the patient.

Esophageal-tracheal fistula accompanied by the entry of food into the airways and, therefore, the development of mammary pneumonia, which quickly leads to a forthcoming tragedy patient. The only real method of providing temporary help such patients - Formation of gastro-enterostomy or.

Gastro-intestinal fistula leads to persistent diarrhea and clinically eructation of fecal odor, nausea, sometimes vomiting feces. Eliminate the gastro-intestinal fistulas can only surgically. If surgery is not possible, the required appointment antidiarrhoeal and antiemetic drugs, ensuring hygienic conditions. Using deodorant air, constant ventilation, delicate treatment of the patient from attending and relatives - helps provide care without developing serious inconvenience.

Mizhkyshkovi thin-tovstokyshkovi fistulas occur more often diarrhea, flatulence and other digestive disorders. Their konservatyne treatment involves the use of individual diet and destination antidiarrhoeal drugs.

Considerable inconvenience cause gastro-vaginal, intestinal-sechomihurni and, especially gastro-vaginal fistula-sechomihurni. Isolation of feces and gases through the urinary ways almost impossible to control and it significantly affects the quality of life of patients. Surgical treatment of such complications remains very difficult problem, and, in most cases, reduces the formation of unloading kolostom care, which is much simpler. Conservative therapy in such cases is to ensure adequate care and protection of the skin around the fistula and their crotch using protective creams and ointments.

With small fistulas with different separating basic care tasks - separating and removing the protection skin. For this purpose, use different ubyrayuchi headbands kalopryyomnyky, protective ointment. Should regularly consult a surgeon for the question of the application of special treatments.

Retention of urine

Retention of urine may be due to renal and extrarenal causes. In renal insufficiency ostentatious treatment of the underlying disease and its complications, the appointment of diuretics. In cases where the cause of urinary retention is extrarenal complications necessary measures to eliminate them (nephrostomy, ureterostomiya, tsystostomiya) and organization with care.

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