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In case of refusal of treatment the patient must specify:

1.       prognosis regarding recovery;

2.       forecast of life *;

3.       inform the patient about the possibility of death soon while refusing treatment.

Kantserofobiya this:

1.       fear of the patient to the possibility of cancer *;

2.       fear of the doctor not to miss cancer patient during the examination.

3.       fear of the patient before the treatment of malignant tumors

4.       own doctor to cancer patients

K linichni situational problems (Correct answers are marked "*")

Task 1. to general hospitals enrolled patient B. '56 complaining of epigastric discomfort, pohudinnya general weakness. In FEHDS in cardiac part of stomach ulcer detected with uneven edges, irregular shapes. Biopsy results - stomach cancer. What is the most favorable tactics to communicate with patients?

A. Tell the patient that he has cancer of the stomach and send the additional examination.

B. * Refer the patient to consult an oncologist telling a patient that is found in the stomach ulcer, which may have precancerous.

C. Tell the patient that he had stomach cancer and suggest treatment.

D. Tell the patient that he has cancer and sent for treatment to an oncologist.

Task 2. Patient entered the clinic N., 53, with neglected tumor of the right breast. Tumor size 8h5 cm in the right axillary area - not driven conglomerate. Vnutrishkiryany Multiple metastases. What is the most favorable tactics to communicate with patients?

A. Tell the patient that she neglected cancer treatment is impractical.

B. Tell the patient that she neglected cancer, to send to the district oncologist.

C. * Tell the patient that the tumor in her breast and sent to the district oncologist to assess the possibility of treatment.

D. Tell the patient that she neglected cancer and send to simptomatychne treatment to an oncologist.

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