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Emergencies and Strange Experiences


4.One robber was in the house stealing the jewelry. Marvin and the other robber were fighting

5.Dr. Jordan gave Marvin a reward. He heard the story.

Look at the notes for your story and write three sentences: one with when, one with while, and one with as.

Using as soon as

As soon as is similar to when.

Examples: As soon as he saw the thief, he ran away.

He ran away as soon as he saw the thief.

However, as soon as emphasizes that one action happened immediately after another.

Combine these sentences with as soon as. For each pair of sentences decide if as soon as goes at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence.

1.The thief saw Marvin. He started ro run

2.Marvin called an ambulance. He saw Dr. Jordan.

3.The police arrived. They arrested Marvin..

4.The neighbor ran outside. He heard the shot.

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