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TELEVISION: advantages and disadvantages.

It is my firm belief that television is a great achievement of the present day’s life. It provides us a great amount of information on the latest news, research in different branches of science. Television enriches our intellect, gives us opportunities to see the best actors, performances, famous people and events, which will path into history. Besides television is a powerful medium. Some TV programmes gather big audiences. Apart from their educational and entertainment value they give us many useful topics to discuss.

But on the other hand television has many disadvantages. The first and, probably, the main one is that television affects our health though rushed meals, lack of sleep and exercises making it worse. More than that it prevents us from reading books, going in for sports, belonging to different sport clubs and other active kinds of spending our leisure time.

Nowadays there is a great variety of TV programmes such as news reports, sports, variety shows, and so you have to be selective and to give preference to some of them.

My favourite programmes are documentary ones. They deal with different materials about the wild life, the history of the country and its present day’s life. Some of them are concerned with different art events such as exhibitions, festivals, variety shows and so on. I think interviews with famous people make these programmes more interesting.

But I’m sure that there is no good TV programme without good talk show host. The success of the programme much depends upon the host’s personality. My favourite TV host is Posner. He is distinguished by his ability to understand people though we can easily recognize his own attitude to the problem. I think Posner is rather intelligent. He has quiet authority to make viewers listen to what is being said. Posner is speaking in a friendly, likable manner without any hint of chumminess, which is the stamp of insincerity. To my mind Vladimir Posner has all the qualities the real talk show host ought to have.

He announces a great number of programs but I like his program “We” best of all. It deals with the social, economic & cultural problems of (our) the modern society and offers the ways to solve them. I think this program has got everything: intelligent host, interviews with people-in-power, detailed reports etc. It is a weekly program, which is on Wednesday. So I try my best to do all the things beforehand to free my time fro my favourite program.

I’m sure it is for you to decide whether television is a great forth or not and what programmes to watch, but still it remains one of the greatest achievements of the human civilization.


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