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7. Work in pairs. Using the following table ask your friend as many questions as possible.

Model: Why is air pollution paid to a lot of attention in mass-media?

What professions are dealing with sustainability?




between litter and diseases in people?



important in our life?




interested in the country's sustainable development?



control of air pollution?



the ways

make breathing difficult?


air pollution

be dangerous?


become polluted?


affect your health?

the relationship

to be healthy, wealthy and wise?

8. Ask your friend or interlocutor.

Model 1: if the Chernobyl accident affected lives of many people

Did the Chernobyl accident affect lives of many people?

Model 2: what kind of pollution s/he knows

What kind of pollution do you know?

if the environmental pollution is a serious problem for many countries

what «The Red Book» of Nature is

what the main function of forests and swamps is

why many species of flora and fauna are on the brink extinction

what acid rains bring with them

what the ozone layer is

why the ozone layer is important for the Earth and living beings

what the depletion of the ozone layer is caused by

if transport poisons the environment and how

if the problem of environment can be solved by one country

what the Chernobyl accident shows to mankind with what purpose the green organizations are set up

what green organizations your friend knows

if your friend is a member of any ecological organization

if your friend knows anything about sustainable development

if Nature is the source of life on the Earth

if your friend agrees that mankind must be very careful in usage of natural resources why many people are concerned about the pure water and air

why the climate all over the world has changed

if most people today are aware that the Earth is a delicate thing

9. Insert in the prepositions to complete this text. Entitle it and give its main ideas to the rest of the group.

The idea of issues that are truly global in scale is new ____ us. It emerged late _____ the twentieth century, perhaps when humans first saw images of the Earth from space - a small blue-green planet devoid of boundaries and arbitrary political divisions. The concept is still new enough to be ridiculed or resisted by individuals and institutions that see the world _____ the traditional perspective of state sovereignty.

Regardless ___ their novelty, global issues are so important that they may literally determine the future of the human species. Global issues impact all social, environmental, economic, health, and security concerns. And those concerns are, in themselves, global issues.

At this point, there seems to be only minimal agreement among nations and policymakers ______ the scope and scale of global issues. National perceptions and interests still drive most analyses of, and responses to, them. There is, in fact, no internationally agreed _____ definition of global issues, nor is there a concerted plan of action to deal with them.

We will define global issues as issues that: have significant impacts for large numbers of people, are trans-national, are persistent, or long-acting, are interconnected.

Some of the most critical global issues confronting us ____ the beginning of the 21st century: population, the rich - poor gap, food and water security, environment, health, economy, energy, peace and conflict, governance.

What is important to remember as we explore there issues is that while they may be daunting – and at times even frightening – they also provide us ____ rare opportunities. As Israeli statesman Abba Eban said, History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. As other alternatives disappear, and as the impacts of these issues multiply, the imperative and the opportunity _____ positive change increases.

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