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In a historically short period the Soviet people have not only caught up with the advanced countries in the field of education but even have left them behind. But our educational system is being destroyed now because of bad educational politics of government, so advanced countries have left us far behind in the field of education.

Many new Universities, Institutes have been founded in our country. Among them the University of chemical technology of Russia named after the great Russian chemist D. I. Mendeleyev is to be mentioned.

At first our University was a technical school. It was founded in 1898. A technical school was renamed to Institute in 1920 and since that time it has become a big famous Institute. Several years ago the Institute became the University.

Many famous chemists in all fields of chemistry have graduated from the University. There are full-day-time students as well as night-class students. The University has the hostel for students which live too far from Moscow. The school year lasts from September till June. The first- and second-year students study such subjects as mathematics, structure of matter, general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, history of Russia, philosophy, a foreign language and some other subjects. The third-year students study such subjects as analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, political economy and a number of other subjects.

The students have to take their exams twice a year and then they have their vacation. Besides lectures and practical classes the students work in the laboratories. There are some well equipped modern labs and some badly equipped ones where the students carry out their experiments and do their research work. There is a great collection of chemical literature in the library. There is a good reading rooms in the University. Almost all the students go in for sports.


All the laboratories of inorganic chemistry are almost alike. These are large rooms where both students and research-workers carry out their experimental work. Modern laboratories of inorganic as well as organic and analytical chemistry are provided with gas and running water. Every laboratory is to be provided with a ventilating hood for the escape of both harmful and unpleasant vapours and odours. Every laboratory has to be lit up very well.

There are many laboratory benches with a great number of drawers in every laboratory. Different apparatus devices as well as materials are to be kept in them. Besides we can see many shelves and cases for containers with chemicals.

On every laboratory bench one can see test-tubes, flasks, beakers, funnels, evaporating dishes, weighing bottles. All this glassware should be kept in good order.

Various burners serve for producing flames. Bunsen burner is to be mentioned among them.

Different crucibles are to be employed when heating of solution and igniting of materials are to be carried out. Crucibles are usually made of quartz, porcelain and iron.

Every laboratory should be equipped with different kinds of apparatus. Everything in the laboratory is to have its definite place.

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