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11. Continue the dialogue between Victoria and Sandy according to the logical scheme offered below.

Victoria: My opinion is that sport can’t be without competition. It is an essential part of sport. Otherwise it would be boring to see games without records and results.

Sandy: But it’s not good that in today’s sport records have become an aim in itself. I think that participation is more important.

Victoria: You can’t deny that competitions provide entertainment for sport fans. And beside that they help to involve newcomers.

Sandy giving another argument

Victoria: disagreement

Sandy: asking opinion

Victoria: agreement

Sandy: disapproval

Victoria: asking for information

Sandy: giving another argument

Victoria: hesitating

Sandy: giving advice

Victoria: thanks

  • I don’t agree with you. People should have an opportunity to show their abilities. It is not just about the money. Taking part in a competition is a good chance to test oneself in a contest.

  • The drugs, of course. In order to achieve supreme results all the sportsmen take drugs. They want to be stronger and to endure greater stresses. They ruin their health.

  • It is enough just to do regular exercises. It helps to be fit and isn’t so dangerous.

  • Entertainment and money. But don’t you see that today the goal of competitions has changed? They were made to replace wars with peaceful tournaments. And now it’s all about the money. The point is to earn as much as possible but not to be the best.

  • How can you say so?! There is no competition without traumas and injuries! And this is only one side of the problem.

  • Thank you for your advice.

  • And what about health? Sport is supposed to make us healthy.

  • And which is the other side?

  • Yes, of course! People participating in sport events are healthy people.

  • Well, I don’t know…you are so persuasive. May be you are right. Now I’m not sure that I want to send my child to a sport club. But physical activity is good for mental and moral development.

12. Continue each piece of argumentation by adding a few sentences.

1) There are two major problems in trying to clean up sports and keep them drug free. One is that the drugs do work. Although they have severe side effects, including cancer, many athletes feel that their only chance at a gold medal or a large professional salary is worth the risk.

The other problem: There seems to be a lack of public outrage over drug cheating. One U.S. track-and-field official says no corporate sponsor has ever mentioned the drug situation when signing any marketing contracts with the organization. An athlete should not have to risk harming himself or herself for life to compete with those who do cheat.

2) Having survived a century of warfare and political turmoil, the Olympic Games have become very successful in recent years, gaining more popularity and generating more money than ever before. A great deal of this popularity and wealth is due to the development of satellite communications and global telecasts. Not only can more and more people see the Games, but the television rights to the Games can be sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. With more money, the IOC can also subsidize the development of sports in less affluent nations. In return for their money, however, television networks have gained a strong influence on when, where, and how the Olympics will take place.

3) Sponsorship, form of advertising in sports, music, broadcasting, and the arts. Sponsorship became a major source of finance for sports in the 1970s, and takes several forms. Many companies sponsor sporting events, while others give money to individuals who wear the company's logo or motifs while performing.

Sponsors often seek to associate the name of their product with a particular show, event, or personality, thus enhancing the product’s image.

All types of important sports events have become dependent on multinational corporations, who pay millions of dollars to become official sponsors of the Olympic Games or World Championship and to use Olympic symbols in their advertisements. This has led to the commercialization of the Olympic movement and different championships.

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