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3. Questions

  1. What are the ways of travelling?

  2. What is the fastest way of travelling?

  3. What is the slowest way of travelling?

  4. What way of travelling is used for pleasure by tourists?

4. Look through the text again and find the opposites of the words below

Example: fast – slow

Unpleasant, inconvenient, unpopular, few, discomfort, cheap, small, old, danger, business.

Prepositions (предлоги)

Beside /next to






In front of



among – среди, между (более чем 2х предметов)

along – вдоль (дороги)

through – сквозь, через

across – сквозь, через, поперек

5. Choose the correct preposition

  1. Be careful! Don’t fall ____ the stairs. They’re still wet.

  1. to b. down c. past d. opposite

  1. Graham sits ____ Janet and Rita in music lessons.

      1. at b. among c. between d. in

  1. Walk ____ the road as far as the park.

  1. at b. along c. through d. around

  1. We live ____ Glasgow, not far from the city centre.

  1. at b. among c. in d. between

  1. You’ll find the book ____ the table, under the newspaper.

  1. at b. in c. on d. back to

  1. The office where I work is ____ the town centre.

  1. on b. near c. along d. across

  1. Put your bag ____ the chair. It’ll be safe there.

  1. at b. up c. under d. past

  1. Our flat is ____ the shop so we don’t have far to go.

  1. on b. above c. back to d. off

  1. Take your feet ____ the table! Who do you think you are?

  1. In front of b. down c. not far from d. off

  1. The station is ____ the town centre so leave early!

  1. down b. on c. off d. long way from

3.2. Traveller’s story

1. Look through the phrasal vocabulary; find the transcription in the dictionary if it is necessary. Match the columns

  1. a check-in

  2. a flight attendant

  3. to be late

  4. to take a taxi

  5. to sit in a traffic jam

  6. to miss the plane

  7. to arrive in time

  8. to stand in a queue

  9. to go through passport control

  10. to board the plane

  1. пропустить рейс

  2. стойка регистрации

  3. опаздывать

  4. прибыть вовремя

  5. борт проводник

  6. проходить паспортный контроль

  7. поймать такси

  8. сесть в самолет

  9. стоять в пробке

  10. стоять в очереди

2. Read and translate the text, look for more words and phrases for your vocabulary

My name is Irina and I hate flying. It's the worst way to travel. First of all, your plane leaves at 10 o'clock in the morning. Fine. But you have to be there at 8. You live 50 miles from the airport. So, you leave home at 6. That means getting up at 5. Crazy!

You don't want to be late, so you take a taxi. The trains are terrible, but the traffic is awful! You sit in a traffic jam for 45 minutes. Are you going to miss your plane?

No. You arrive just in time. But now you stand in a queue at the check-in for another half an hour. In front of you is a noisy family of eight and an elderly couple who can't find their passports. Then you stand in another queue at passport control for 15 minutes. You are not happy!

Finally, you go through passport control. You have exactly 8 minutes to buy something from the duty-free shop before it's time to board the plane. Then you have a long journey in front of you. The seats are very small. The person sitting next to you is very fat. He wants to tell you his life story....

That's what normally happens. But yesterday it was different. Yesterday the person sitting next to me on the plane was a tall thin man with long black hair and dark glasses. He didn't say a word to me for over an hour. When the flight attendant brought drinks, he refused. When she brought lunch, he refused again.

Suddenly, the man stood up. He took something out of his travel bag. It was a gun. People started to scream. The flight attendant came over to us.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked.

"Take me to Havana - or I'll blow the plane up!"

The flight attendant smiled.

"Please sit down, sir. Havana's where we're going. Now, what would you like to drink?"

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