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Лингво страноведенье / Q- 34 civil service

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Question 34 What are the chief strength and main weakness of Britain s Civil Service?

Parliament may debate, resolve, enact veto. Parliament can’t accomplish. The cabinet may initiate and control and can’t carry out.

Mps-members of parliament are elected for 5 years. Ministers are appointed for 5 years. Civil service is permanent body of officials that keeps the wheels of government turning. The position and function of Civil Service remind the same which ever party may be in power. The members of Civil Service consist of about dozen grades and classes of officials. The most importance being administrative class. They are recruted by severe examination. According to the following criteria :

  • character

  • health

  • age

  • nationality.

They observe the code of contact which must be betrual of trusts. They can not offer themselves as candidates to parliament. They should be reserved and they may not belong to the Unions. Civil service must be loyal to the incoming government as to the outdoing one. They provide the cotinuaty of the administration at the time of the election. To serve the state well and faithfully is regarded in Britain as one of the callings to which a man devotes all his life. The social status of civil service is extremely high and never associated to the material reward. The heart of the Civil Service is the Cabinet office . It has the secretary .Secretary is a senior servant. Each department is headed by permanent secretary to whom under – secretary and assistant secretaries.

“The duty of a minister is only to hold a gun and it is permanent secretary who’ll instruct him, what to aim at and when to pull the trigger “. And it’s said that Britain is in reality managed by Civil Service.

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