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Job search

Job search is a long process, which needs lots of time and effort. At first, you should draw a résumé. You present the most important information about yourself in it: your background, your work experience, qualification, and special skills1. You should write your objective too, i.e. what position2 you are aiming at.

With your résumé, you start direct job search. You have a lot of possibilities. Many magazines and newspapers publish the names of companies offering job vacancies. You can send your résumé to these companies. There are also employment agencies that can help you in finding a job. It is useful to visit job fairs and career days, ask your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances to help you in job search. You can use Web pages on Internet, such as ww.jobs.ru or www.hro. ru and other special Web sites.

Interview is an important part in your job search. To make a good impression, you should keep the following rules. Wear proper clothes. Make sure your shoes are clean and well polished. Don't fiddle3 with your hair, or your clothes. Don't cross the arms. Sit up straight. Don't wear too much jewelry. Try to keep eye contact with the key person in the meeting. It is not proper to ask about the salary4 at the first interview or criticize your former boss or company. It is not recommended to discuss personal or financial problems with the representative of the company. It is important to assure5 the company representatives that you are the right person for the position.

If you are offered a position, you can negotiate the offer and ask about your salary.

Notes:` 1special skills – дополнительные навыки (опыт или знания, которые указываются при поступлении на

работу, напр., знание иностранных языков)

2position – должность

3to fiddle – вертеть в pyкax

4salary – заработная плата

5to assure – убеждать

Taiwan economy

Since 1950, the base of Taiwan's economy has changed largely from agriculture to industry. Most of the people now live in cities and towns and work in industry or in services. Only about 12% still work in agriculture, and farming accounts for a very small portion of the GNP1. This economic change resulted in improving the standard of living. Taiwan has the fourth highest per capita2 income in East Asia – after Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong – and its average income is 20 times that of China. The quality of life, particularly in the cities, is approaching that of Japan and other developed nations.

Taiwan's economy improved quickly after 1950. Its industry specializes in such products as textiles, radios, television sets, tape recorders, home appliances, toys, and many other consumer goods. The Taiwan government has been promoting the development of high-technology industry, such as the production of computers, calculators, and related products, in order to be competitive3 in world markets. The main markets for Taiwan's products are the U.S., the countries of the EU, and Japan. Exports account for more than half of Taiwan's gross national product.

Agriculture accounts for only about 2% of Taiwan's income. The major crops include rice, sugarcane, citrus fruits, corn, pineapple, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Large numbers of pigs and chickens are raised. Fishing and fish farming are also important.

Notes: 1GNP (gross national product) – ВНП (валовой национальный продукт)

2per capita income – доход на душу населения

3competitive – конкурентоспособный

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