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Grammar exercises

The Present Perfect Continuous Tense

I. Give short and full answers:

1. Have you been studying at the University for two years? 2. Have you been studying hard since the beginning of the term? 3. Have the students been writing a dictation for half an hour? 4. Have they been waiting for the results long? 5. Have you been wearing glasses since you were at school? 6. Has it been snowing hard since morning?

II. Answer the following questions:

1. When did you enter the University? 2. How long have you been studying here? 3. What is your favourite subject? 4. When did you begin to study it? 5. How long have you been studying it? 6. When did you begin to learn English? 7. How long have you been learning it? 8. What have you been doing outside of class to improve your English?

III. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative:

Pattern: The film has been running for a month.

Has the film been running for a month?

The film hasn’t /has not/ been running for a month.

1. They have been waiting for the director since two o’clock. 2. It has been raining since the morning. 3. They have been repairing the road since March. 4. The students have been translating the text for an hour and a half. 5. He has been trying to open this door for half an hour. 6. The kettle has been boiling for a quarter of an hour. 7. My mother has been working at the same store for ten years.

IV. Ask how long the action has been taking place:

Pattern: It is raining. How long has it been raining?

1. Mike plays chess. 2. His foot is hurting. 3. George smokes. 4. Ann is looking for a job. 5. It is snowing. 6. They wait for him. 7. You live in this city. 8. She teaches English. 9. Mary sells washing machines.

V. Change the sentences according to the patterns:

Pattern A: He has already written this letter. (since morning)

He has been writing this letter since morning.

1. We have discussed all these problems (the whole month). 2. What has happened here? (while I have been away). 3. She has taught them how to do it. (for years). 4. He has just read this book. (all week). 5. They have already built the theatre. (for two years). 6. I’ve helped her with her work. (since she came to this office).

Pattern B: We organized our company a year ago (invest much money).

We have been investing much money since we organized our company.

1. We advertised the application last week (wait for reply). 2. My friend bought the stock of the company five years ago (make money). 3. They received the corporate charter a month ago (plan a meeting). 4. We elected a new Board of Directors last month (plane change). 5. He became a member of the Board of Directors (work hard).

VI. Ask your groupmate:

1. if he/she learns English; 2. when he/she began to study English; 3. since when he/she has been learning English; 4. how long he/she has been studying English; 5. where his/her father/mother works; 6. when he/she began to work there; 7. since when he/she has been working there; 8. how long he/she has been working there.

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