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3.Word-building in English.

WB is the process of creating new words in a language with the help of its inner sources.

There are two main types of WB proper:

1) word-derivation (when one stem (base) undergoes different changes)

  • affixation

  • conversion

2) word-composition (when two or more stems (bases) are put together)

Major means of WB in Modern English include:

a. affixation,

b. conversion с composition

They are the most productive WB means.

Shortening occupies the intermediate position between major and so-called minor WB means and include: - clipping

- ellipsis

- abbreviation

Minor means of WB in English include - back-formation, or reversion,

  • blending, or telescoping;

  • reduplication;

  • sound-imitation;

  • sound-interchange;

  • shift of stress and some other means. They are less productive and unproductive means of WB.

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