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New Configuration Files

Parameter type is Boolean.


Don't overlook the fact that this flag affects all Boolean evaluations performed in any databases on the server.


Version 1.5 addressed and fixed an old InterBase bug that caused output parameters to be returned to the client with an idiosyncratic ordering in the XSQLDA structure. The bug was of such longevity that many existing applications, drivers and interface components have built-in workarounds to correct the problem on the client side.

Releases 1.5 and later reflect the corrected condition in the API and are installed with OldParameterOrdering=0 (False). Set this Boolean parameter True if you need to revert to the old condition for compatibility with existing code.


Don't overlook the fact that this setting affects all databases on the server and will potentially produce exceptions or wrong results if set on in an environment where applications are not compensating for the expected bug.


New parameter added at v.1.5.3

This parameter allow users to revert to pre-V1.5 column naming behaviour in SELECT expressions. If this parameter changed from its default 0 setting, the engine will not attempt to supply run-time identifiers, e.g. CONCATENATION for derived fields where the developer has neglected to provide identifiers.


This setting affects all databases on the server and will potentially produce exceptions or unpredicted results where mixed applications are implemented.

Database File Aliasing

Firebird release 1.5 introduced database file aliasing to improve the portability of applications and to tighten up control of both internal and external database file access.


Configure database file aliases in the text file aliases.conf, located in the root directory of your Firebird server installation. The installed aliases.conf looks similar to this:


#List of known database aliases



New Configuration Files



#dummy = c:\data\dummy.fdb

As in all of Firebird's configuration files, the '#' symbols are comment markers. To configure an alias, simply delete the '#' and change the dummy line to the appropriate database path:

# fbdb1 is on a Windows server:

fbdb1 = c:\Firebird\sample\Employee.fdb

# fbdb2 is on a Linux server

fbdb2 = /opt/databases/killergames.fdb


You can edit aliases.conf whilst the server is running. There is no need to stop and restart the server in order for new aliases.conf entries to be recognised.

Connecting using an aliased path

The modified connection string in your client application looks like this:


With the example above, the following connection string will ask the Firebird server running on a Linux box named "myserver" to find and connect the client to the database at the path identified in aliases.conf as "fbdb2":



Because the gstat tool does not use a database connection to read the database file, a full path is still required for using gstat. (This may change).


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