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Kharkov is the first capital of Ukraine. It is one of the biggest cities of our country. Kharkov is situated in the north-east of Ukraine. The area of the city is about 350 square kilometers. The population is 1.500 million people.

Kharkov is rather an old city. It was founded in the middle of the 17-th century. 1654 is considered as the year of the foundation of Kharkov. There is a legend about the origin of the city’s name. Long ago, there was a farmstead of a rich peasant in this place. His name was Khariton, but people usually called him Kharko. That`s why the place where he lived was called Kharkov’s farmstead. After that the whole place was named Kharkov.

But, most probably, the city received its name after the river which is flowing through Kharkov. Its name is Kharkov, too. The other river which is flowing through Kharkov is the Lopan. A settlement was organized in the place where both rivers meet. The first settlers were Ukrainian peasants and Cossacks. This place was well protected. From three sides there were swampy banks and from the fourth side it was surrounded by a vast forest.

During the war Kharkov became the scene of bitter fighting. Since that time the city has risen from ruins and is finer than ever.

Now it is one of the biggest industrial centers of Ukraine. Tractors, turbines, generators, machine-tools, bicycles, textile goods, etc. are known all over the country and even in some places abroad. Kharkov is famous for its heavy industry and the production of different machines.

Kharkov is a great trade center of Ukraine. It exports metal, products of engineering, wheat and other grain-crops. Vegetables and fruit are imported. Kharkov is a market city. There are very many markets and supermarkets in it. Huge trade entertainment centers are situated in every district of the city.

Kharkov is also known as a large academic centre. The oldest higher educational institution in the city is Kharkov University, founded in 1805. There are a lot of research institutes, educational establishments of higher learning and technical schools in the city. That's why Kharkov is a city of 100,000 students and all foreigners are surprised to see so many young and beautiful girls here.

Kharkov is a city of culture and art. There are 7 theatres, 6 museums, a philharmonic society, a circus. 800 libraries are available to the public. The largest library is Korolenko library, designed by a well-known architect N. Beketov.

It is the city of sports. The European football championship Euro 2012 took place here. Our city was admired by football fans from many countries of the world.

Kharkov is a beautiful city with its numerous parks, gardens, squares. The famous Svoboda Square is the largest one in Europe. Sumskaya Street is the main street of the city. There are many beautiful buildings, expensive shops and restaurants in it. Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is also situated here.

When guests from this country and abroad come to our city we recommend them to visit University Hill, Central Gorky Park, Shevchenko Garden and other places of interest. All the guests of the city come to see the monument to Shevchenko designed by a well-known sculptor Monizer. Derzhprom, Memorial Complex, Uspensky Cathedral, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Blahovieshensky (The Annunciation) Cathedral are often visited by foreigners. Mirror stream is the symbol of Kharkov.

The city has its own charm. It is famous for narrow streets with old buildings of different architectural styles, small yards in the city downtown and wide, impressive avenues, majestic cathedrals; small churches, outdated trams, buses, trolley-buses and underground with 30 wonderful stations, many of which can be considered as a separate work of art. It is a very green city with luxurious grass, many trees and flower-beds everywhere.

All the Kharkovites are fond of their beautiful, charming, and ever youthful city. They are proud of Kharkov and its generous, kind, and very hospitable people.

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