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Exam Excellence, Oxford / CD / Текст / Oxford_Exam_Excellence_Recording_22

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Unit 10. Free time and culture. Recording 22.

Speaker 1

Weekends? They’re great. In fact, I spend all week waiting for the weekend. Having said that, once it’s arrived, I don’t necessarily do anything particularly special with it. I might see a friend or two, especially if there’s some sport to watch, then we can watch a match together – there’s always a good choice on TV, isn’t there?

Speaker 2

Well, I try to make the most of my weekends, especially in the summer, when you’ve got more chance to get outside. I know some people like seeing films or concerts, but it’s important to me to keep fit, so I always do plenty of running, and, say, tennis or swimming. There are usually some friends around to join in.

Speaker 3

The truth is, I really look forward to the weekend, and then when it finally arrives, most of the time I’m completely exhausted. So then when all my friends start calling up, ‘Where are we going tonight?’ and so on, I end up staying in, being very lazy, maybe just watching a bit of TV, a film on DVD, something like that.

Speaker 4

School’s OK, it really is. I don’t mind it at all. But the weekends are of course much better, aren’t they? You can do what you want. I never have an opinion about what we do. I’m not that into films or anything – I just wait to see what my friends suggest. I just want to be with them, doing whatever.

Speaker 5

I’m studying so hard at the moment for my exams that I can’t go wild at the weekends. But I like hanging around the park with my friends sometimes, or maybe going for a bike ride by myself. It depends. I tend to be more active in the winter, actually – going to the gym, or helping my dad with stuff in the house.