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Computer system

Computer system is combination of hardware elements with software elements and brainware. The main function of a computer is to process data. Any computer system requires 3 basic hardware components: a monitor, a system block and peripheral devices.

The monitors can be of 2 kinds: a cathode-ray tube or liquid-crystal display. The standart of modern monitors is SVGA.

The system block consists of a motherboard, a place where microcircuits are set up , a processor, which is the brain of any computer, storage medium or memory.

Peripheral devices are categorized as input/output devices because their functions are to provide information to the computer: a keyboard, a mouse and switches, - accept information from the computer: a printer, or terminals and storage devices.

The software elements are programs written for the system. These programs perform logical and mathematical operations. First of all the computer can't work without operating system.

Brainware includes all sorts of documentation, the manuals and listings that tell the user how to operate the hardware and software.

The main computer specifications are: speed which is measured in megaherts, or millions of cycles per second; amount of memory, measured in bits and bytes. Bit is the minimum of accepted information. 1 Byte equals 8 bits.