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4.3 Listen to the dialogue between Sarah and Daniel. Choose the correct answer.

a.Sarah has been to Venice.

b.Sarah has been to New York.

Listen and repeat. Copy the rhythm. Write down the conversation.

Act out a similar conversation about the places you have been to.

4.4 Talk to the people in the class. Find a person who…

a.has been to another continent

b.has been to an opera

c.has been to a big sport event

d.has been to a big rock / pop concert

e.has ever sung karaoke in a bar

f.has ever spoken English with a person from another country

g.has ever been to a spa

h.has ever ridden a horse

i.has ever jumped with a parachute

j.has never smoked

k.has never been outside this city

l.has never heard of Christian Ronaldo

m.has never played basketball

Work in small groups. Sum up the information you have collected. Tell the class what you know.

4.5 Listen to five people talking about something they have/haven’t done so far. What period of time is each of them talking about?

a.all his life / this week

b.this week / this year

c.all his life / this month

d.today / this year

e.this year / all her life

Now, say what exactly they have / haven’t done so far.

4.6 Listen to ten questions and write down your answers.

Look at your answers and try to remember what the questions were. Practise asking and answering them with a partner.


5. Reading

5.1 Read the text about Russian traditions and match the traditions with the events.

Which of these traditions are more common and which are less common?

1. This is the biggest and most favourite celebration for Russians. It is the belief that the way you celebrate this event shows how your

year will be, so Russians prepare the best meals and celebrate in

style. Duck or goose, stuffed carp, and a jellied meat called 'holodets' are among the common most dishes, as are small pies/pastries filled with cabbage, apple, meat, or a range of other fillings. On the morning of January 1, people usually don’t cook and eat the leftovers.

2. The main tradition at this time is the painting of hard boiled eggs. Red is the predominant colour, as it signifies new life. Russians exchange eggs and kind wishes for the celebration.

3. It is tradition for the father to plant a tree, wishing the child to grow up strong and healthy just like the tree.

4. The husband must carry his wife over the threshold in his arms. It is a very old custom and began because people thought that a new wife would be wanted by evil spirits, and thus the husband should hold her tightly and protect her from them.

5. Before departing on a long trip, Russian people often sit in silence

for a few minutes, praying for good luck and fortune during the journey.

6. At the beginning of spring, as the weather warms, and the days become brighter, children and young adults often play outside. They play different Russian games, they play with the snow, and often fall in love. At this time, Russians also celebrate pancake because a pancake is round like the sun, and it symbolises the new life beginning in springtime.

7. It is a custom for the certain person to organize a celebration, and this includes paying for dinner if it takes place in a restaurant. The celebration can sometimes go on for more than one day. A playful form of congratulations to the person in question is to pull their ears for the number of years they are! It is a playful joke, but it means that we wish them a long and happy life.



b.a birthday party

c.a newborn baby

d.New Year




5.2Can you guess the meaning of the highlighted words from the context? Check the meaning with a dictionary.

6. Speaking

6.1Choose a tradition from 5.1 and add some details to the description. Tell the class about it.

6.2In pairs or small groups. Think of three or four customs and traditions in other countries. Find the details and make a presentation.

Note! You can speak about rare traditions which are not widely known outside the countries.

7. Writing

Have you ever heard about Seven Wonders Of Russia? The project was launched by the TV channel Russia, the newspaper Izvestiya, and Radio Mayak in 2007.

Look at the photos. Can you say what these objects are and where they are located?

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