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The Oxford Dictionary of New Words

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Independent 15 Jan. 1991, p. 17

26.4 zouave...

zouave adjective and noun (Lifestyle and Leisure)

adjective: Of trousers for women: cut wide at the top, with folds of material at the hips, and tapered into a narrow ankle.


noun: (In the plural zouaves) women's trousers of this design.


Etymology: Named after the Algerian Zouave regiment of the


French army, who wore a uniform with trousers of this shape


(known as peg-top trousers) in the middle of the nineteenth




History and Usage: This is an example of an old word which has


been revived in modern fashion and applied in a slightly


different context. In the late nineteenth century there was a


fashion for garments of various kinds (particularly women's


short jackets and men's peg-top trousers) which copied the


uniform of the Zouave regiment and were known as Zouave jacket,


Zouave trousers, etc. When wide-topped, draped trousers became a


fashion item for women in the 1980s, the word was reapplied to


them, and this time round also came to be used as a noun in its


own right.


First came the ankle-length Zouaves, looking a bit like


baggies gone berserk, worn under two layers of fitted,


belted coats with full skirts, Russian peasant hats with


tassels and ankle-high boots. Then came the shorter


Zouaves, like knee-length bloomers.


Washington Post 22 Apr. 1981, section B, p. 3


Zouave pants with elasticated waist and two pockets.


Grattan Direct Catalogue Spring-Summer 1989, p. 218


noun (Music) (Youth Culture)

An exuberant style of popular music originating in Guadeloupe in

the French Antilles and combining ethnic and Western elements.

Etymology: Reputedly a borrowing from Guadeloupean creole zouk, a verb meaning 'to party', possibly influenced by US slang juke

or jook 'to have a good time'.

History and Usage: Zouk was developed by Guadeloupean musicians in Paris at the end of the seventies as a deliberate attempt to construct a distinctive Antillean style of popular music which could hold its own against Western pop. It was also designed to compete with disco music, especially in Paris, where its main proponents (a group named Kassav) have been popularizing it during the eighties. It was only towards the end of the decade that zouk started to get exposure in the UK and the US. Zouk is often used attributively, especially in zouk music, and occasionally forms the basis for derivatives such as zoukish.

His latest, 'Kilimandjaro' (AR1000) nosedives into held-back zoukish rhythms that never let go, wimpy vocals and over the top arrangements.

Blues & Soul 3 Feb. 1987, p. 27

Tonight, the first ever zouk on British soil kicks off this year's Camden Festival International Arts programme...Zouk, especially Kassav, is the pulse of Paris streets and the soundtrack for her nightclubs.

Guardian 24 Mar. 1987, p. 11

26.5 Zuppie

Zuppie (People and Society) see woopie

26.6 zygote intra-fallopian transfer

zygote intra-fallopian transfer

(Health and Fitness) (Science and Technology) see ZIFT

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