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What's Up American Idioms

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158 What's Up?

7. a.

What did you say he turned into?

b.What did you say he turned down?

8. a. ( ] He knows he can't lose weight unless he works on it.

b. ( ) He knows he can't lose weight unless he works out.

9. a. ( ) We don't know what she's against.

b.( ] We don't know what she's up against.

10. a. ( ) How much does she take in?

b.f 1 How much does she take over?


In this book, you have studied the following idioms with the preposition "for":

be destined for go for

make a name for oneself pave the way for

root for run for

/sign up for treat for vote for

DIRECTIONS: Rewrite each of the following sentences using an idiom with "for."

1.Helen just registered for a cooking course.

Helen just signed up for a cooking course.

2.Paul was given medical help for cancer.

What's Up? 159

3.By the time Bill was thirty, he had already become famous.

4.Everybody thinks that runner is going to be in the Olympics some day.

5.Who did you support in the presidential election?

6.Sally Ride, the first female astronaut in the United States, made it easier for other women to become astronauts.

7.What basketball team are you going to support tonight?

8.Did you ever want to try to become mayor of your city?

9.Ryan thinks he's ready for the school soccer team. This year he's going to try to get on the team.

V. W H A T ' S UP?

Here is a list of idioms with the preposition "up" that you have learned in this book:

be up against

grow up

be wrapped up in

hang up

/bring up

keep up with

call up

sign up for

give up

throw up



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