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5. Прочитайте и письменно переведите предложения, содержащие такие модальные глаголы как can, may, must и их эквиваленты.

  1. I could translate this text.

  2. You needn’t sent the letter.

  3. They will have to deliver the equipment within 12 months.

  4. You can come at 6 o` clock.

  5. Children ought to obey their parents.

  6. The train was to arrive at 8 in the evening.

  7. You should have helped them.

  8. You may speak English.

  9. You must write it down now.

  10. Last summer we would often go to the country.

6. Заполните пропуски нужными по смыслу предлогами (above, across, around, at, behind, from, in front of, in, into, on, out of, over, through, to, under), перепишите предложения и переведите их на русский язык.

  1. There is a garden… our house.

  2. The bridge is… the river.

  3. All students are…the lesson now.

  4. Where are the boys? They are…the park.

  5. Our flat is…the centre.

  6. There was a lamp…the table.

  7. He will sit…you.

  8. Usually we go…school together.

  9. He came…the house.

  10. I come home…school very late.

7. Прочтите текст и письменно переведите 1-3 абзацы текста.

About the university

1. Togliatti State University was founded in 2001 on the base of Togliatti State Polytechnical Institute (founded in 1951) and Togliatti branch of Samara State Pedagogical University (founded in 1988). In 2002 S.F. Zhilkin was elected the rector of the university.

2. There are 4 institutes, 7 departments, 70 chairs, research department and a number of training, research and production branch establishments at the university. All the faculties and departments are equipped with laboratories and computer classes.

3. More than 1500 people work at the university including 758 members of the teaching staff, among them 60 Doctors of Sciences and 421 Candidates of Sciences.

The student body comprises more than 13000 people.

The total area of training and auxiliary buildings is more than 100 thousand square metres. The university occupies more than 75 thousand square metres. There are also 3 hostels, 4 gyms, 3 canteens placing 996 people, 7 buffets, a tourist centre and a publishing centre. The library stock counts more than 800000 books and six reading rooms can seat 260 readers.

4. The university ensures the students all the conditions for familiarization practice, practical training and degree practice.

The graduates are awarded with state certificates of degree.

There are access courses, courses of raising qualification and staff retraining and post-graduate course at the university.

5. I am really glad that I study here. It one of the finest country's higher educational institutions. Many famous people have graduated from the university, and not only engineers or scientists, but many outstanding writers, actors, showmen and politicians. Studying at the university gives a solid background in all spheres of knowledge and prepares for practical work.

The course of study at the university lasts five years .The most of students are full-time students and the rest are part-time students. They conduct independent research work .There are many large halls there so that students of 3-4 groups together can fit in there. And that is more than 100 people. The acoustics in such large halls is very good but sometimes it is very noisy when students chat during the lecture.

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