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  1. Where was the old man sitting and why?

  2. What task did the narrator have to carry out?

  3. Why was the old man the last person to leave the town?

  4. Why was the old man concerned about the animals? Which animal was he the least worried about and why?

  5. Did the old man support either side in the conflict?

  6. Why did the narrator want the old man to move on?

  7. What happened when the old man stood up to leave?

  8. Is it clearly stated whether the old man survived the war or not? How do you interpret the final sentence in the story?

Analysis – Message:

  1. Which of the following statements best words the message of the short story?

  • War is evil.

  • Even when exposed to the atrocities of war some people do not lose their basic humanity.

  • War reduces mankind to the level of animals.

  • Many innocent people become victims of war.

  • War makes our everyday concerns seem ridiculous.

  1. Focus on the title of the story Old Man at the Bridge. Omitting the article “a/an” is typical of captions to paintings, photographs etc. In what sense is Hemingway’s story similar to a painting or a photograph?

  2. Formulate the message of a story, poem, play or film script you would like to write. E.g.: Elderly people are disregarded by modern society when, in fact, they have an invaluable contribution to make.

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