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The regional picture gallery

The Gallery was opened in 1957 and included the art collections of Tyumen and Tobolsk Local Lore Museums. Over 180 works of the Russian and West-European art were given to the new Picture Gallery by the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, Perm Gallery, St. Petersburg Theatrical Museum and other depositories. In 1957 the total amount of exhibits was 369. 49 years passed, the collection has grown 30 times as big. The Gallery can boast of works by F. Rokotov, V. Borovikovsky, I. Ayvazovsky, I. Levitan, V. Vasnetsov, V. Kustodiev and other well-known artists.

There is also a department of foreign art with some works of Spanish and Dutch masters of the XVIII-XIX centuries and a department representing works of the artists of Tobolsk province.

5.23 Speak about the city you live in.

5.24 Topics for discussion:

1 Geographical Outline of the Tyumen Region

2 Natural Zones the Region Occupies

3 Climate

4 Natural Resources of the Region

5 Plant and Animal Kingdom

6 Water Resources

7 Major Towns

8 Population

9 Industry

10 The History of Tyumen

11 Contemporary Tyumen

12 Architectural and Historical Monuments of Tyumen


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