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    1. Aged 23

  1. Steve/Frankie

  2. You are one of the British group on an exchange visit to Moscow. During your stay in the country you are to do a project on television in Russia. You are present at a discussion on the role of television in soci­ety. Your special interest is the impact of television on children as you are afraid that very often children grow up addicted to the telly and are exposed to rubbishy commercials, violence, etc. You'd like to know the content of TV programmes.

  3. Possible follow-ups

  4. 1. Choose an evening's viewing for;

  1. a foreign visitor whose Russian is good and who is very interested in learning more about Russia and our way of life;

  2. a foreign visitor whose Russian is not very good.

  1. 2. Write a composition on one of the following topics:

  1. The year 2003. What changes in television would you expect to have taken place?

  2. The pros and cons of TV educational programmes.

  3. The challenges of TV for teenage viewers.

  1. The investigation

  2. Situation

  3. Mrs June Brown was detained for shoplifting. She was accused of having stolen a girl's woolen pullover. Mrs Brown refused to say any­thing and consequently the police were called and she was charged with theft. The facts are the following:

  4. Mrs Brown was in a hurry. She wanted to buy a new pullover for her daughter Jean before taking her to her cousin's birthday party. Mrs Brown found a pullover in the shop she called at with her daughter on her way to the party. As soon as she had paid for the pullover she saw that Jean had chocolate all over her face and hands. Furious she asked a sales as­sistant where the toilets were. Then in the toilet Mrs Brown changed Jean's old pullover for the new one. They would have to run if they were going to ever get to the party. But in the street she was grabbed by a man accompanied by a woman. The woman said that they had reason to be­lieve that Mrs Brown was shoplifting. The evidence against Mrs Brown was that the woman, Mrs Baker, a store detective, had entered the toilets and had seen Mrs Brown putting a new pullover over her daughter's head.

  5. 326

  6. You are to enact the preliminary investigation of the case conducted by two counsels: the counsel for the Prosecution and the counsel for the Defence.

  7. Cast list

  8. Mrs June Brown, the accused Mrs Mary Baker, a store detective Miss Becky Smith, a sales assistant Mr Clark Timpson, the sales manager Miss Nora Lain, a customer in the shop Counsel for the Prosecution Counsel for the Defence

  9. What you must decide (after the role play)

  10. On the basis of the evidence collected by the two counsels during the investigation you must decide whether the matter should be brought to court.

  11. Role cards

  12. Counsel for the Defence Aged 39

  13. While interviewing the participants of the incident — Mrs Brown, the defendant, Miss Smith, the sales assistant, Mrs Baker, the store detective, Mr Timpson, the sales manager and Miss Nora Lain, a cus­tomer — you try to prove that your client is innocent and the charge brought against her is groundless. In summing up your arguments you emphasize that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. You have no doubt that this is an "open-and-shut" case and should never be brou-qht to trial.

  14. Counsel for the Prosecution Aged 45

  15. In the course of the investigation you interview everybody concerned: Mrs Brown, the accused, Miss Smith, the sales assistant, Mrs Baker, the store detective, Mr Timpson, the sales manager and Miss Nora Lain, a customer. You ask everybody to tell you about their part in the incident and thus you make them reveal the basic facts of the case and their re­spective role in it. You try to verify the truthfulness of their testimony. First ask them questions about themselves: their name, occupation, the reasons for their actions in the situation with the idea of looking for

  16. 327

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